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7 ideas to make the most out of your insulated conservatory this summer

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Jun 07, 2024

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s the time of year when you’ll want to be making the most of your conservatory. 

However, if your conservatory has a glass roof or polycarbonate roof, the extreme heat from the sun during the summer months can make spending time in your conservatory uncomfortable and unenjoyable. 

The solution to this problem is to install an insulated conservatory roof, which can improve the comfort and enjoyment of your conservatory during the British summer time. 

In this article, we’re going to explore the advantages of an insulated conservatory roof in more detail, and suggest seven exciting ideas to make the most of your conservatory this summer.


Benefits of having an insulated conservatory roof in summer


Temperature Regulation

One of the main benefits of a solid, insulated conservatory roof is its ability to regulate the temperature in your conservatory. 

By reducing the transfer of heat from the sun’s rays, a solid conservatory roof helps to keep your conservatory cool even on the sunniest of days - allowing you to fully enjoy your space throughout summer.


Energy efficiency

If a glass or polycarbonate roof is allowing the sun to heat up your conservatory, you might be tempted to get a few tower fans set up, or even a mobile air conditioning unit. 

But these appliances can use up a lot of electricity - potentially increasing your monthly energy bills. 

With a solid roof conservatory, your roof insulation means you’re much less likely to need fans and air conditioning units to help keep your conservatory cool in summer - which can directly relate to energy savings and lower bills. 


Noise reduction

An insulated conservatory roof can also reduce external noises, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory in peace. 

So, if you’re looking forward to spending time reading, working or simply relaxing in your conservatory this summer, an insulated conservatory roof allows you to do so without being disturbed by the sound of barbeques, lawn mowers, or other summer distractions. 


Reduced glare

It’s not just the heat of the sun's rays that can make your conservatory uncomfortable during summer - it’s also the brightness and glare. 

If you have a glass roof or polycarbonate roof, there is very little to prevent the full brightness of the sun streaming into your conservatory space. 

With a solid, insulated conservatory roof you no longer face this issue, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory without squinting or feeling overwhelmed by bright light.


Ideas for your insulated conservatory this summer


If you’re lucky enough to have a cool, comfortable, insulated conservatory this summer, there are an endless number of ways for you to enjoy your space. 

If you’re struggling with inspiration, we’ve come up with seven ideas to make the most of your conservatory during the warmer months.


Create a green oasis

Did you know that having plants indoors can significantly improve air quality, and even help to reduce your stress levels? Why not take advantage of the benefits that indoor plants can bring by turning your insulated conservatory into a green oasis where you can unwind and recharge?

If you’re not naturally green fingered, consider opting for some hardy cacti or succulents that only need to be watered occasionally. But if you’re more of a keen gardener, Good Housekeeping has a list of the best conservatory plants for your conservatory.

Green oasis - 7 ideas to make the most out of your insulated conservatory this summer


Fresco dining

How about enjoying some alfresco dining in the comfort of your conservatory?

You could set up a cozy breakfast nook where you can enjoy your morning coffee while basking in the morning sun. Or create an impressive dinner space where you can host gatherings with friends and family in the summer evenings. 

fresco dining - 7 ideas to make the most out of your insulated conservatory this summer

An insulated conservatory helps you combine the comfort of the indoors with the beauty of the outdoors - and can be a perfect dining space with the addition of a stylish dining table, comfortable chairs, and ambient lighting.


Relaxation retreat

Looking for a place to switch off and relax? Why not turn your conservatory into a peaceful sanctuary where you can prioritise relaxation and self-care?

relaxation retreat - 7 ideas to make the most out of your insulated conservatory this summer

Decorate your conservatory with calming colours, and soft furnishings - maybe even a small water feature for added ambiance, and use it as a relaxing retreat where you can unwind, meditate, or simply lose yourself in a good book.


Home gym or yoga studio

If you’re looking to get fit this summer, why not use your insulated conservatory to help embrace your healthier lifestyle?

There are actually studies that suggest that working out in natural light can improve your motivation and quality of your workouts!

You could set up a home gym equipped with your favorite cardio machines and free weights, or create a yoga studio where you can stretch at the same time as appreciating nature.

However you prefer to work out, your insulated conservatory provides an excellent environment to stay healthy this summer. 


Art and creativity space

Why not unleash your creative side by using your conservatory as an art or crafting space? 

You could set up an easel and canvas for painting, or even create a designated crafting corner with a table and comfortable seating. 

Being close to nature is well recognised for helping provide artistic inspiration, so your insulated conservatory with a beautiful view of your garden is the ideal space!

However you want to express your creativity - whether it’s painting, drawing, or crafting, your conservatory can become a source of inspiration and creativity.


Family entertainment zone

Your insulated conservatory is the ideal setting for enjoying quality family time, creating lasting memories this summer.

entertainment zone - 7 ideas to make the most out of your insulated conservatory this summer

Why not get the popcorn in, get the blankets out and settle down for a family movie night? Or dust off the board games and arrange a family game night filled with laughter and friendly competition?


Educational space for kids

You could turn your conservatory into a fun environment that encourages curiosity and learning for your kids or grandchildren this summer. 

Whether it’s getting a comfy rug, some bean bags and a small bookcase filled with their favourite books, creating a nature observation area to spot wildlife in your garden, or setting up a telescope for stargazing at night - your conservatory is the ideal space for helping your kids continue to learn over the summer holidays. 


Projects4Roofing: Helping you unlock the full potential of your conservatory


If you want to make the most of your conservatory this summer, you need to make sure you’re able to spend time in it without being uncomfortable because of the heat.

The most effective way to achieve this is to replace your glass roof or polycarbonate roof with a solid conservatory roof. 

Not only will this help maintain a stable temperature in your conservatory, but it can also reduce noise, reduce glare and help you save on your energy bills - so you can relax, get fit, host family nights or educate the kids in complete comfort. 

Want to find out more about a conservatory roof replacement? Speak to our roofing specialists at Projects4Roofing today!


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