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The Key Benefits of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Dec 19, 2019

Structurally Insulated panels otherwise known as SIPs are the future of home extensions. One of the main reasons that they have become so popular in recent years is due to their innovative structure. Sandwiching a layer of quality insulation between two layers of stressed skin. These panels not only offer top of the range insulation benefits but can also be finished off to match the rest of your home beautifully. In this blog, we will be breaking down some of the key benefits provided by SIP panels, helping you make the decision if this form of extension is the right option for you.  


Layers Of Quality Insulation 


As previously mentioned these panels offer a unique structure which creates a highly energy-efficient extension which is also very cost-effective. SIP panels really do offer top of the range insulation thanks to the think layer of foam found within. This will ensure that there is never a need for internal insulation as all the needed insulation has been built into the walls of your extension. SIP panels are definitely seen as one of the most efficient ways to construct a warm extension to your home, proudly offering a u-values as low as 0.15, without the need for any additional insulation.


The two layers of stressed skin surrounding the insulating foam add a level of strength to the structure of your extension. Whether you looking for a small extension to your home or you’re looking to have a large SIP panels projects completed in your garden, you can rely on the SIP panels to offer the perfect end result. By using SIP panels for your home extension they can be finished in a wide variety of ways to match the existing look of your home. 


A Stunning Extension To Your Home


As the new year is nearly upon us its a time to take a step back from the hassle of everyday life and reflect on the things that really matter to us. Getting together with the people that mean the most to us in our life is really important. It’s good to have a place where we can all gather and share the great memories we had over the year. With every growing family, there’s always a need for more chairs around the table and more room in the family home. This is where SIP panel extensions come into help. Offering a highly insulated extension for you and your family to get together and enjoy the quality time together. 


One of the best parts about choosing a SIP panel for your new extension is the fact that it really doesn’t feel any different to the rest of the home. This is thanks to the top of the range insulation found within the pannels ensuring that there is no change in temperature when entering the extension. You can also decorate the interior of your extension to match the rest of your home allowing the rest of your home to flow effortlessly into the extension. This simply provides a stunning end result which reflects the same levels of elegance and style that is provided by the rest of the home. 


Tried And Tested Solution For Home Extensions


SIP panels are a tried and tested solution for home extensions, over the years we have worked with countless clients to extend their home in a manner that will last for many years to come problem-free. Even better, we offer a 10-year guarantee on every SIP panel extension that we complete. Through the Consumer Protection Association, we also provide a 10-year insurance backed guarantee for your peace of mind. SIPs have been widely used throughout the UK since the 1980s and have a track record of being highly reliable offering long term performance. 


A Cost-Effective Solution For Extending Your Home 


A key benefit of choosing to go ahead with a SIP panel extension is the fact that they can be installed in a very short period of time. Using traditional home extension techniques it can take up to 8 weeks to have the work completed on your home. This is a long period of time to have tradesmen working on your home and can also be extremely costly. By choosing to go ahead with a SIP panel solution you can have your stunning new home extension in just 3 weeks, start to finish. This can also reduce the labour costs of up to 30%. All SIP panel extensions completed by the team here at Projects 4 Roofing will be fully approved by building control. 


If once finished reading this blog you wish to find out more about SIP panels we would highly recommend that you speak to one of our friendly team members. We understand that deciding which extension to go for is no simple task, you may want to receive a quote fore going ahead with any work. If so all you need to do is give one of our friendly team members a call today on-01638 507730

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