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Conservatory Ideas and Inspiration for 2021

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Jan 22, 2021

After such a challenging 2020, the time has come to indulge in some exciting new projects.

So, if you're looking to revitalise your home in a versatile and practical way in 2021, a conservatory roof conversion is a great choice for you!

A conservatory office can be very useful during this time of lockdown 2

In this post we offer inspirational ideas for your conservatory, to achieve your home improvement goals this year.

2021: A year for making things better!

Though COVID-19 and its effects are still being fought, spring is on the horizon. We’ve all had time to reflect on changes we can make to improve our lives – and now is the moment to get planning!

For many of us, having spent time at home for so many months, doing some home improvement works is a top priority.

If you're thinking of refurbishing your house to better suit your needs, one of the best ways to start is by replacing your conservatory roof.

Why replace your conservatory roof?

The typical conservatory design has a bit of a bad reputation. For many people, installing and using a conservatory falls far short of what they originally wanted.

This is usually due to poor roof design, sloppy workmanship, or simply the wrong materials being used. What seemed like a wonderful idea at first all too often turns into a disappointing reality.

Leaks, draughts, cold, overheating, rain noise and sun glare are extremely common complaints from homeowners with glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs.

But it doesn’t have to be like this!

Projects4Roofing can bring your conservatory ideas to life 2

We have solved hundreds of similar issues around East Anglia simply by replacing conservatory roofs.

The LABC pre-approved Guardian Warm Roof is a solid, insulated structure which replaces the glass or polycarbonate panels in your existing conservatory.

By regulating the temperature and allowing adequate watertight ventilation, a Guardian Roof lets you regain use of your conservatory.

Which just leaves the question: what can you use this extra usable space in your home for?

Here are some popular conservatory ideas you can choose, depending on your needs and goals:

Conservatory Office

Unthinkable in a cold, wet, mouldy room – converting your conservatory into an office will immediately become a viable option with a Guardian Warm Roof.

For so many of us during COVID-19, working from home has become the norm. Whether you plan on returning to the office part-time, or continuing to stay at home entirely after the pandemic has subsided, a comfortable home office is essential.

A workable conservatory office setup requires:

  • Regulated temperature – for a comfortable environment to sit in all day. An insulated Guardian Roof is a great solution for temperature regulation.
  • Peace and quiet – rain noise is greatly reduced by a Guardian Roof.
    Separation from the rest of the house – most conservatories are rooms located in the garden, allowing for uninterrupted concentration.
  • Good WiFi – separated but still connected to the rest of the house, you remain close to the internet router. A well-insulated, leak free Guardian Warm Roof also allows for the safe use of electrical sockets in your conservatory.
  • Calming surroundings – a view of the back garden can help you breathe and destress when Gareth from Accounts makes an egregious error in the finance spreadsheet!

A conservatory roof conversion project is an opportunity to take complete control over the space, with an office setup in mind.

A conservatory office is one of many great conservatory ideas 2

Here are some other tips for office conservatory inspiration:

  • Get a good quality chair
  • Door or no door? - when designing your conservatory office you can decide whether it’s important to be able to close the room off from the rest of the house. You might need the extra privacy; alternatively you may want seamless access to the snack cupboard (and the rest of the house) – the choice is yours!
  • Install conservatory lighting – to make sure you can stay working after dark for those “late nights in the office”.
  • Be creative with furniture – find filing cabinets that double as side tables, or a desk that folds away, so you can easily use the conservatory for other purposes.
  • Buy an office plant – you may technically be in the garden, but having a few indoor plants improves the air quality inside your conservatory and reduces stress.

Whatever you decide, a conservatory roof conversion makes all your home office dreams a reality.

Though many consider demolishing their conservatory and building an extension in its place, the immense cost and construction time end up being a major deterrent. A roof replacement is far faster, and a fraction of the cost of a full house extension, leaving you with more money left over for that lovely new office chair you’ve always wanted!

Conservatory Playroom

Despite all the trouble and tragedy that COVID-19 has wreaked throughout the country, life goes on. People still go to work, grow older, get engaged and married, and continue to have families.

A conservatory playroom is the perfect solution to finding space for an expanding household.

Moving house is expensive and time-consuming, as is building a brand new extension. A conservatory roof conversion however, can be completed in around a week, leaving you with a whole new usable space in a very small amount of time, and without the expense and inconvenience of moving house.

Some Conservatory Ideas may include a playroom for your child 2

Replacing your existing roof with a Guardian Warm Roof makes your new conservatory playroom safe and comfortable:

  • Warmth – the insulated solid Guardian Roof means the kids won’t suffer from cold in winter or overheating in the summer.
  • Ventilated – leaking and unventilated conservatories can be a health hazard due to mould growth, moisture and draughts. A conservatory playroom that’s watertight and well-ventilated like those with a Guardian Warm Roof makes for a playroom that is safe for sensitive young lungs.
  • Light, airy environment – like plants, children thrive in open, bright rooms. What better place for a playroom than the garden room, surrounded by nature and natural light?
  • Separated, but connected – a conservatory playroom is a dedicated area for children to have their own space, yet within reach for adults to check on them. No more worrying about how the kids are getting on upstairs when they’re playing nearby in the conservatory.

Conservatory Bedroom for Guests

After so many months of distancing from extended family members, we’re all keen to reconnect with loved ones as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Having family and friends round became a rare luxury in 2020, so most of us are going to be making up for lost time after the pandemic.

That makes having an extra bedroom much more useful. And it’s easy to achieve by converting your conservatory into a guest room.

Instead of moving to a property with more bedrooms, your underused conservatory can get a fresh lease of life with a professional roof replacement.

A conservatory bedroom is a great conservatory idea 2

For conservatory inspiration here are a few of main benefits of a Guardian Roof bedroom:

  • Reduced noise – a solid roof absorbs most of the noise from rain (unlike polycarbonate and glass which amplify it). Ideal for not being woken up at night.
  • Reduced glare – a proper roof stops sun from getting in above you when guests need that extra lie-in.
  • Warm and comfortable – we’ve all stayed in that friend’s extra room that’s freezing cold, and stayed awake shivering all night. The Guardian Warm Roof keeps heat in with layers of state-of-the-art insulation so your overnight guests get their forty winks.
  • The Sofa-bed – the Transformer of household furniture! The Sofa-bed really comes into its own in a converted conservatory: allowing for company to socialise during the day, and rest their heads for a last minute sleepover in the evening.


2021 is the year of renewal. We’ve been through the worst and given up a lot in 2020 to treat ourselves to better things this year.

Whether that means a new bedroom, space for an expanding family, a dedicated home office, or something else entirely, we hope we’ve offered some helpful ideas for your new conservatory.

If you’ve been inspired to revitalise your conservatory, the first thing we recommend is to get in touch and tell us what you have in mind. Our team can then work out a fixed price quote to plan your conservatory roof replacement.

Start achieving your home improvement goals this year with a new Guardian Warm Roof!

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