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Converting Your Conservatory Roof to Prepare for Spring Rain

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Feb 26, 2021

Though the UK is no stranger to rain all year round, the British springtime is notoriously wet.

Short-lived April showers are one thing, but as the seasons start to change, full-blown rain and thunderstorms aren’t uncommon.

If you’re a conservatory owner, spring is therefore a notoriously risky time for leaky roofs. Many people become sick and tired of constantly having to repair leaks in their glass or polycarbonate roofs. Others just throw in the towel and decide to avoid the conservatory altogether.

The solution? Converting your conservatory roof.


How to Fix a Leaking Conservatory Roof

We’ve tackled the options for fixing a leaky conservatory roof in a few blogs in the past. The problem is generally caused by the glass or polycarbonate panels being damaged, or sealing coming loose, letting rainwater seep in.

One option available to you is to cover the offending area of moisture entry with simple, shop-bought duct tape.

This is obviously a very short term solution (usually good for about a day or two). Unfortunately, if any kind of rainfall occurs, even the best quality tape isn’t going to do the job. It’s also a really visible (unsightly) sign to anyone looking that your conservatory isn’t healthy!

Another more comprehensive method to stop the leak in the roof is getting a professional to replace the damaged polycarbonate or glass panels. This can be pricey, and is only effective for as long as it takes for the next panel to break – after which the same problem recurs (repeat ad infinitum!).

So, as the flowers begin to bloom and the temperature warms, what can you do to stay dry in your conservatory during the frequent spring storms?

A man cutting the insulated plasterboard for a conservary roof conversion 2

Solid Conservatory Roofs: A Better Solution

Fixing conservatory roof leaks for good needs a more radical solution. As we’ve seen, glass and plastic panels just aren’t reliable materials to permanently keep moisture out of your conservatory.

To stop leaks and prevent them from happening again requires an entire rethink of what a conservatory roof should be. That’s where the Guardian Warm Roof comes in.

In doing a full conservatory roof replacement, you’re eliminating all the problems that your existing roof causes. A glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof doesn’t only let in moisture, but it leads to unbearable, drastic changes in temperature inside the conservatory. This is especially annoying in spring, when it can go from cold to hot very quickly.

Converting your conservatory roof involves removing your troublesome existing roof and fitting a solid roof conservatory. The Guardian Warm Roof system is completely watertight, so like any other roof on your house, it can provide the protection you need against spring’s harshest downpours.

Due to its built-in insulation, the Guardian Warm Roof ensures that it never gets too hot inside the conservatory in summer or too cold in winter. This is perfect for making your conservatory a comfortable place to be all year round.
Convert your conservatory roof to avoid calling roof repair service 2
An end to stress and constant minor repairs
Replacing your polycarbonate conservatory roof means no more duct taping, no more endless minor repairs and getting the labourers in time and time again – costing you more in the long-run.

With one simple conservatory conversion project that only takes around one week, you can have a transformed conservatory that solves a whole range of problems:

  • No more leaks
  • No drastic temperature changes
  • Greatly reduced rain noise (perfect during April showers)
  • No condensation or moisture buildup 
  • No mould growth
  • No sun glare
  • And more!

The Guardian Warm Roof has a drastic impact on the overall quality of your conservatory, leaving hundreds of happy customers across East Anglia and beyond.


Of all the conservatory roof solutions on the market, we’ve found that Guardian roofs provide the most comprehensive fix against all the most common issues.

And Projects 4 Roofing will give you a fixed price quote for your conservatory conversion that may be significantly less than you imagine.

Get in touch about our projects and pricing, and prepare to prevent downpours from ruining spring in your conservatory this year.

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