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4 tips for taking care of your new conservatory roof

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Feb 03, 2023

If you’ve recently upgraded your conservatory roof with Projects4Roofing, you’ll be enjoying the comfort and luxury of an insulated extra space in your home that you can enjoy all year round.

If you chose Projects4Roofing for your solid roof conservatory project, you’ll also have the peace of mind of a 20-year installation guarantee and a 10-year manufacturer warranty. So, in the unlikely chance that anything does go wrong, you know you’re covered.

But you’ll still want to take care of your new favourite room in your home, and help ensure your new conservatory roof stays in pristine condition for many years.

The good news is that the Guardian Warm Roofs we install are virtually maintenance-free. There isn’t a lot you need to do to keep your new conservatory roof in top condition.

But just in case you missed the care advice provided by our roofing specialists when your conservatory roof project was completed (easy to do when you’re excited about your new room!), we’ve put together a list of our top recommendations for ongoing maintenance of your new conservatory roof.


Middleaged man cleaning the gutters on his conservatory roof

1. Clean your gutters

One of the most important tips for the maintenance of your new conservatory roof is to clean your gutters on a regular basis.

Cleaning your gutters helps to ensure that they are functioning properly and directing water away from your conservatory, rather than allowing it to collect and potentially cause damage.
If your gutters aren’t regularly cleaned, leaves and other debris can gradually build up and cause a blockage.

When there’s a blockage in your gutters, water isn’t channeled properly into your downpipes. When this happens, water can collect or ‘pool’ in your gutters, potentially overflowing during heavy periods of rain.  

If this is left unaddressed, the water can leak into your conservatory roof and the structure of your conservatory, causing dampness and potential mould growth.

So, in a nutshell, clogged gutters are not good news.

To clean your gutters safely, it’s important to make sure you have the proper safety equipment, such as a ladder, gloves, and eye protection.

Use a small trowel to remove any leaves, twigs, and other debris from the gutters, before using a hose to remove any remaining debris and to check for proper drainage.

New conservatory roof installed by Projects4Roofing

2. Regularly wash your conservatory roof

Like any roof structure, unless you take care to keep it clean, your conservatory roof is prone to build up algae, lichen, and moss over time.

Not only does this look unsightly, but it can also cause damage to your tiles if left untreated.
So, it’s important to make sure you regularly clean your conservatory roof.

Please be aware that your new conservatory roof is not designed to be ‘load bearing’. It’s important to be careful when cleaning it, particularly if the roof is wet. 

The safest way to clean your solid conservatory roof is by using a telescopic brush and a ladder with warm soapy water. You can rinse off the roof after you’ve cleaned it with a regular garden hose.

It’s also recommended to treat your conservatory roof with an anti-fungal solution to prevent any future moss and lichen growth.

If cleaning your solid conservatory roof yourself doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of companies out there that specialise in conservatory roof cleaning. They can often complete the job for an affordable fee.

Remember, a clean conservatory roof will last longer, it can make a big difference to the overall appearance of your home, and can add value to your property. 

So, the regular effort to keep it clean is well worth it!

Lovely conservatory roof with a VELUX window

3. Does your conservatory have a VELUX window?

Did you decide on a VELUX window as part of your conservatory transformation project?

If so, great choice! A window in your solid roof conservatory is a great way to add some more natural light into your room, but still, keep it suitable for year-round use.

Nonetheless, if you have got a window in your insulated conservatory, there are some additional maintenance tasks that you need to complete to keep your new room in pristine condition.

VELUX has a good online maintenance guide that gives an overview of how to best care for your VELUX window. 

To provide the highlights, it’s important to keep your air filter clean by removing it on a regular basis and cleaning it with regular household cleaners.

You can clean the main window pane by using clean water and a sponge. If there is stubborn dirt, you might consider adding a small amount of detergent to the water but avoid any abrasive cleaners.

The team at VELUX also recommends that the fittings and hinges of your VELUX window are cleaned and lubricated at least once each year.


4. Rectify hairline cracks by decorating

With any new structure, you can expect a few hairline cracks in your finish once your project is complete.

This often occurs as the materials used for building expand and contract with differences in temperature or can also be caused by plaster shrinkage.

Your installation team that managed your conservatory roof replacement project should have prepared you for the fact that small hairline cracks are perfectly normal and are not anything to worry about.

These cracks are not structurally significant and can often be fixed with some simple decorating.

It’s best to use high-quality paint with flexible properties to help decorate over any hairline cracks you see. Polycell has a good product that can be found in most home improvement stores.

Middleaged couple reading Projects4Roofings blog on how to take care of their new conservatory roof


Have you got further questions?

If you’ve chosen to transform your conservatory with a Guardian Warm Roof from Projects4Roofing, you’ve chosen a solution that is almost maintenance-free.

By following the simple recommendations in this guide, your conservatory roof will stay in pristine condition and will look amazing for years to come.
However, at Projects4Roofing we don’t believe our customer care stops when your solid roof conservatory project is signed off and completed.

If you have specific questions or need personalised assistance with your Projects4Roofing conservatory, just get in touch and one of our roofing specialists will be able to help you.

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