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A Conservatory Office — Your answer to working from home

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Feb 04, 2021

Working from home without a suitable office space can be very inconvenient.

With so many lockdowns, several unfortunate remote working clichés have become familiar in the last year. For people without a dedicated home office these include family members walking in, internet issues, noise and other disturbances from both inside and outside the house.

Most of us are planning to continue at least some remote working even beyond the pandemic. So now could be the perfect time to set up your conservatory office.

Here’s how it can be done.

Man answering call in his conservatory office

Work from home in a comfortable conservatory office

An ideal place to create your home office is your existing, perhaps neglected conservatory.

However, though spacious and light, traditional conservatories are notoriously difficult to heat in winter and can be too hot and suffer from sun glare in summer. If you don’t solve these problems then it soon becomes an uncomfortable workspace.

You can eliminate all these problems and create a perfect home office space with a solid roof conservatory conversion.

Conservatory office ideas

A conservatory roof replacement turns a conservatory into a proper room with an insulated roof, plastered ceiling and lightweight roof tiles that come in a range of styles and colours to suit your home.

The excellent insulation makes the room much easier to keep warm in winter and to cool in summer. This removes the need for blinds and the solid roof overhead eliminates glare. We can even install spotlights in the ceiling.

Our conservatory roof systems are pre-approved by the LABC and meet all building regulations, meaning the conservatory becomes just like an extension to your home.

Woman working in her conservatory office

An ideal home office: a conservatory conversion fits the bill

The benefits of converting your conservatory into an office are many:

  • Outdoor views – You can spend your work day overlooking the garden in an airy and comfortable space. Views of the back garden and plenty of light through the big conservatory windows make the room a calm, stress-relieving oasis;
  • Peace and quiet – You won’t be disturbed by other people in the house because you have a dedicated work space;
  • Convenience at home – You don’t have to clear your desk at the end of the day so that people can eat dinner. You can also close your door on work so that it doesn’t encroach on your home life;
  • Increase the value of your home – should you ever come to move, the versatility of the conservatory office is a real selling point. A solid roof conservatory presents buyers with a more permanent-looking working room than a glass or polycarbonate structure.

Find out how one of our customers in Cambridgeshire used her conservatory as a work space here:

Make the Home Office Your Own

You don’t have to just follow Mrs Kisler’s example – use your conservatory roof conversion to bring your home office dreams to life!

Whether that’s fitting LED spotlights for focused working conditions, like Mrs K did, or something more radical. Once Projects 4 Roofing have secured a watertight, insulated, solid roof to the conservatory, the room is a warm, blank canvas for your imagination.

Consider a top-of-the-range office chair, an expansive desk, or a new sofa to lounge on during your well-earned breaks. You can decide whether you want a door fitted or removed between conservatory and the rest of the house – depending on the level of privacy required.

And don’t forget: plastering and painting of the new conservatory walls is part of the conservatory transformation. Choose colours and finishes that suit your preferred working environment – all in the comfort of your own home.

Man working from his conservatory office

A Guardian Warm Roof for the Perfect Conservatory Office Setup

When it comes to setting up a conservatory office, you want to know that the room will remain at a comfortable temperature, as well as quiet, dry and attractive.

The Guardian roof system does all this, so it’s our preferred model and the only type we install. That’s because it’s a reliable, long-lasting insulated conservatory roof that can be adapted to any type of conservatory.

Guardian Roof Installation: Minimal Disruption in a Matter of Days

The best thing about a conservatory roof replacement with Projects 4 Roofing is that it’s completed swiftly and with as little disturbance to your property and daily life as is possible.

Our construction teams are highly trained and experienced, so they’re super efficient when it comes to installing the Guardian Roof system. Not only that, the roof arrives at your property on the first day fully assembled in the factory to your specifications.

Therefore we’re able to fit a watertight seal on your conservatory roof at the end of the very first day, meaning no overnight draughts or leaks to clean up.

The entire Guardian Warm Roof installation process usually takes a total of 8 days. You can therefore get on with your life and important work tasks in a matter of days – not weeks or months!

If you would like discuss how a conservatory roof conversion could help you create a home office setup, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Conservatory Office Transformation: a Must-Have for 2021

At the start of this year, working from home is really the only option most of us have. But especially if you have family commitments or a long commute, it’s likely to be a popular choice even after lockdowns have lifted.

It can be hard to concentrate when you’re trying to work from the dining table, surrounded by family life on all sides. Even setting up an office in a spare room can be too noisy with the whole family stuck at home during the day.

So an office or work station at home requires a dedicated work area that a conservatory transformation can produce in just over a week’s construction.

Speak to a member of the Projects 4 Roofing team to discuss installing a beautiful Guardian Warm Roof and making your conservatory office ideas a reality.

conservatory roof replacement guide from projects 4 roofing

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