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Who Should Be Involved in my Conservatory Roof Conversion?

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Nov 06, 2020

It’s surprisingly easy to plan a conservatory roof conversion without thinking much about what and who will be involved. But considering you’ll be letting roofing company workers into your property for a few days, it’s best for everyone if you know you can trust them first.

Identifying who the roof installation is being done by, and that these labourers know exactly what they’re doing will give you that all-important peace of mind.

It’s all very well getting on with the owners of a conservatory roofing company, but if they don’t take the time to vet, train and hire responsible roofing labourers, there could be trouble once they come on site.

Here’s a quick guide to the green lights and red flags of conservatory roof replacement personnel.

Roofing Company Owners

The foundation of any good company is its owners. They should represent the values and ethos of the business. If they’re friendly, professional, honest and on time, it’s a good bet that the whole operation will run to their high standards.

  • Owners should be trustworthy and accountable at all times. So ask yourself:
  • Can you get hold of them on the phone when you need to?
  • Do they respond to emails quickly?
  • Do they give you straight answers or are they always talking around the subject?
  • When they speak to you do you get the impression they care about you as a customer and about conservatory roof replacement?

If the owners are passionate and involved in the whole roof installation process, their labourers and other staff should be motivated to work hard too.

Try searching online for “recommended roofers near me”. If you come across positive reviews it is likely that the owners have worked hard to provide quality service throughout their previous roof installations.

construction team shaking hands for a conservatory roof conversion by Projects 4 Roofing 2

What type of workers should I expect?

The conservatory roof conversion process can be a bit of mystery if you’ve never had a replacement roof installed before. You may have even bought your current house with the conservatory already built.

To give you an idea of the jobs that need doing, here’s a rough list of the tradesmen that any roofing companies near you will have at their disposal.

  • Surveyor – a member of our team who will take final measurements of the roof prior to manufacture.
  • Tiler – a warm roof conservatory is solid rather than glazed, so one of our expert roofers will be fitting Tapco slates or Metrotiles to your roof.
  • Roofer – it sounds obvious, but someone has to know the actual mechanics of how to remove an old conservatory roof and replace it with a nice new warm one!
  • Plasterer – to provide a finish to the vaulted plaster boarded ceiling so that it may then be painted. Keep in mind that all plastered surfaces, including the walls if you have opted to have them plastered as well, should be painted after the plaster has fully dried.
  • Electrician – if you’ve opted for lovely LED spotlights for example, these, along with light switches will have to be fitted by a qualified electrician so you may receive a Part P Certification.

Some of these jobs may well be covered by the same labourer(s) but you now you’ll know what to expect to see them doing.

inside conservatory with conservatory roof conversion by Projects 4 Roofing 2

Does the conservatory roofing installer hire their own labourers?

For a conservatory roof company to be truly trustworthy, all staff have to be reliable. Reliability is much harder to maintain if a roofing company doesn’t use its own roofing labourers.

These are the people who will be coming to your home over the course of a week or so and doing significant work to your property. It’s no good having a solid relationship with the roofing company owners if the on-site installers are rude, undependable or just not up to the job.

All workers need to meet the same standards of competence and customer service so the building process is smooth for everybody involved. The best way a roofing company can ensure this is if they train and hire their own installers.

For instance, at Projects 4 Roofing we only install the Guardian Warm Roof, and as an Official Team Guardian member, all of our installers have been trained on the Guardian Warm Roof Solution system, and how to install it.

Since these are our own employees, we can certify when they are proficient and efficient enough to go out to our customers’ homes and do the job. Effectively, this becomes a quality filtering system for roofing installers that we perform on behalf of our customers.

conservatory roof conversion workers by Projects 4 Roofing 2

Roofing Installers by name – a personal touch

Another advantage of hiring our own staff – and a strong sign of any dependable conservatory roofing installer – is knowing the names of your tradesmen.

Early on you’ll probably be introduced to the owner and salesperson, but it’s the installers who you’ll be seeing every morning in the back garden. It’s not just nice to know their names, it’s a sign of reliability.

Don’t underestimate this personal touch. If you’ve been told to expect Steve to do the electrics but Graham turns up without warning, you might start to wonder about what’s happened to Steve and whether Graham is up to the task.

You should know who’ll be working on your roof, so if the conservatory roofing company doesn't tell you – ask! It’s important to be able to check in with the same workers each day.
If the personnel are changing all week or you don’t know their names, it can be difficult to stay on top of the project and feel as though you are in the loop..

At Projects 4 Roofing we have a core team – but they’re growing! If you hire us for your conservatory roof installation you’ll likely meet some of our fine, friendly installers:

  • Our expert surveyors, Tom or Stephen.
  • Our three teams of resident roofers:
    • Ben & Jordan
    • Lee & Levi
    • Ashley & Connor
  • Alex – who does excellent plastering

For electrics, we trust Future Electrics, a highly qualified electrical company, with installing the electrics in all of our projects.

Everyone on the Projects 4 Roofing team has been rigorously trained and tested, installing hundreds of roofs between them. Nobody in the East Anglia region is better at fitting a Guardian Warm Roof for your conservatory or sun room than these guys.

And as we grow we’ll continue to hire reliable, skilled and insured workers – the sort of people we’d be happy to welcome into our own homes.

construction workers planning a conservatory roof conversion by Projects 4 Roofing 2


You should always know who is working on your home and what job they’re doing. Find out who’s on the team before they turn up to your house on the first day of the installation. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Have any questions for any members of the Projects 4 Roofing team? Drop us a line to find out more about how our roofing installers work and for any further advice on your conservatory roof replacement project.

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