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Your Warm Roof Conservatory – The Perfect Pandemic Vacation Spot

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Nov 26, 2020

A cold, neglected conservatory probably isn’t the first place you imagine spending your winter vacation. But with travel restrictions and pandemic rules, planning a conservatory roof conversion now could give you the perfect place to escape the cold this winter.

Holidays are a time to unwind, unplug and get closer to your family. Maybe you’re used to going away for the winter but can’t risk flight complications and quarantine periods to go abroad this year.

Nevertheless, there’s still a way to stay home and get away from your work life and commitments to spend time with your loved ones – without having to leave the house.

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Transform your cold conservatory into a Guardian Warm Roof oasis

So many homes in the UK have chilly, neglected conservatory spaces that are leaky, draughty and uncomfortable. When winter comes around it essentially becomes a no-go zone.

The majority of these problems can be fixed with a conservatory roof conversion. A solid roof conservatory like the Guardian Warm Roof can transform your cold garden room into a warm winter paradise.

Conservatories are beautiful rooms with plenty of light, and usually a garden where you can enjoy the outdoors (without having to actually go out into the cold). That’s why they’re so popular across the country.
But a glass or polycarbonate roof can let all the heat out, cause leaks, and make the room too unpleasant to enjoy in the colder months. A warm conservatory roof can fix these problems.

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How much does a conservatory roof replacement cost?

A warm conservatory roof replacement is a serious expenditure, there’s no denying it. However, allocating funds to refresh an entire room in your house is definitely a worthy investment. Especially if it would otherwise be unoccupied for half the year.

A conservatory roof conversion project can cost upwards of £7,000. But consider what you’re potentially saving from the costs of a big family holiday that has been canceled due to the pandemic – with flights, hotels, food, activities, and so on. These unused funds could easily be relocated to pay for the bulk of your conservatory roof conversion!

And a reinvigorated part of your home with proper conservatory roof insulation won’t just be there for a couple of weeks. You can spend time with your family, read a book, and enjoy the views of the garden in all seasons for years to come.

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COVID-19 has also changed the way we work, with the majority of people planning to continue working from home, at least part time, even after the pandemic subsides. The useful space added to your home by converting your conservatory roof can easily be transformed into a home office to allow for more productive days while working from home.

If you’re thinking of postponing your vacation this year due to the coronavirus crisis, it’s still important to safely find family time together and explore other ways to unwind. A cosy conservatory is one of the best ways to do this, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Can a conservatory be changed into an extension?

If you’ve got a glass-paned or polycarbonate conservatory roof you probably think of the conservatory as an occasional summer garden room, to entertain guests or go and sit in when the weather is nice.

But have you ever considered turning this space into a proper, useful part of the house? With some relatively inexpensive changes, a bland, cold conservatory can be transformed, so it feels just like an extension that can be used for almost any purpose.

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With the right conservatory roof system, such as the Guardian Warm Roof, your conservatory can become an extra bedroom, a games room, dining room, the family’s new living room, or the ideal home office.

A solid roof conservatory insulates during the winter and ventilates in summer, meaning no more leaks and no draughts. Just a warm, versatile extra room – with a fantastic view!

A properly insulated conservatory will help to keep you comfortable no matter the season, but more importantly it does so without the need to blast the air conditioner or turn the heat all the way up. By keeping your conservatory warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, you will be able to drastically reduce heating and cooling costs for your conservatory!

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Cost-effective conservatory comfort in only 8 days

The best part about considering a conservatory roof conversion (apart from the value for money) is the quick turnaround time that Projects 4 Roofing promises.

Because we only use the tried and trusted Guardian Warm Roof System for all our conservatory roof projects, we know the product comes with all parts pre-fabricated to your exact specifications. After that, assembly onsite is a piece of cake for our experienced roofing teams.

Our average time to install a new warm conservatory roof is just over a week from start to finish, including plastering, electrics and plumbing works if necessary. So plan ahead and you could easily have a wonderful cosy conservatory ready to enjoy over the winter months!

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With more holiday destinations being added to the Covid quarantine list when travellers get back home, winter vacations this year are looking less practical and less appealing.

Instead of worrying about the pandemic and being able to get away, why not prepare your home for the holidays and schedule a free consultation with our sales team in the next few weeks.

Read more about our solid roofs and get your conservatory ready to use by the time the vacation comes around.

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