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Don’t Move – Improve Your Home by Converting Your Conservatory Roof

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Jan 15, 2021

Moving home is notoriously stressful and expensive.

It’s also made trickier at the moment with restrictions due to COVID-19.

Fortunately, a conservatory roof conversion is an easier and cheaper way to give you more usable space without the hassle of moving.

Here’s how...

Maximise space in your existing home

Many people are looking for more room at home. The increased need for a remote-working space and room to accommodate a growing family are two common reasons. 

Almost everybody is spending more time at home this year, so it’s natural to feel the walls closing in a bit. An extra room is a valuable asset when nobody’s leaving the house much.

Conservatory roof conversions allow for a better use of your conservatory space 2

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that the average Brit has saved almost three times as much money during the coronavirus pandemic compared to previous years.

Activities that we typically spent about a fifth of our disposable income on pre-COVID have become impossible due to lockdowns and restrictions.

With this additional money in the bank, many people are considering measures to increase the space in their homes.

There are 3 primary solutions to the hunt for more living space:

1. Moving House

A common option – embraced by many in recent months partly thanks to a buoyant market and the Chancellor’s Stamp Duty holiday.

Expanding families have always had to upgrade to properties with more bedrooms as children grow older.

Avoid the complication and irritation of moving home by converting your conservatory roof 2

A new house can be very nice, but it’s far from the simplest option.

Though in some ways it may seem like a good time to move, purchasing a house is always costly. As well as remortgaging and an increase in price when a buying a larger house, additional costs can also include:

  • Solicitors’ fees to deal with paperwork and legal formalities
  • Estate agents’ fees to market and sell your existing home
  • Removal costs and storage for your belongings
  • Renovation and redecoration of the new property

Purchasing a larger home can be a long, expensive and stressful process. And during the pandemic it can be difficult to arrange safe property viewings.

If you’d rather save money and increase your living space in the short-term, moving house is probably not the best route for you.

woman worried about the costs of moving house 2

2. Build an Extension

Another popular choice, which allows you to stay in your existing home, is building an extension.

Many homeowners ask, ‘Can a conservatory be changed into an extension?’

By demolishing your current conservatory and building a permanent extension in its place, you can make use of a neglected area.

The advantages are you don’t have to move, and you get more space to use as a dining room, play area or even another bedroom.

However, the disadvantages of an extension are substantial, and for many people they outweigh the positives:

Extensions are Expensive

Compared to converting your conservatory roof, a house extension can be much more costly.

That’s because you’re having to remove the current conservatory, build new external walls, fit a roof, ensure the floor and foundations are secure, as well as all the other bits of plumbing, electrics, painting, and so on.

By the time it’s finished, an extension can end up burning through all your savings – and beyond!

Extensions are Extensive and Invasive

All this work can take a long time, with so many different tasks needed to complete the project.

Sometimes these jobs will go on for a month or more, causing extensive disruption to your day-to-day lives.

Not only this, but after all the time and money spent on building the extension, you’ve then lost the use of your conservatory or garden room.

3. Replace your Conservatory Roof

Not everyone knows the benefits of converting their conservatory roof. In fact, it can make huge improvements to the conditions in your conservatory and your ability to enjoy it.

The savings in conservatory roof replacement costs compared to the other options make this by far the best choice to expand your home.

A conservatory roof conversion avoids leaks 2

Watertight ventilation

In our experience, a solid conservatory roof system allows the conservatory to be used just as well as an extension room.

Firstly, a solid roof like the Guardian Warm Roof (the only model we install at Projects 4 Roofing) is completely watertight from the first day of construction.

Protection against leaks, as well as sufficient ventilation, is vital in a conservatory roof to avoid mould growth and condensation.

Effective Conservatory Insulation

Demolishing a conservatory because it gets too cold in the winter or too hot in summer is an extreme and unnecessary measure.

A patented insulation design like that of the Guardian Warm Roof keeps heat in the conservatory, preventing drastic temperature changes across the seasons.
A conservatory roof conversion can help avoid mould in your conservatory 2

Quiet and Protective

Unlike glass or polycarbonate roofs, a solid conservatory roof won’t sound like a constant thunderstorm over your heads during heavy rainfall.

By having a proper ceiling too, you won’t be troubled by overhead glare during brighter sunny days.

Full Design Finishes

Just like an extension, a conservatory roof conversion allows you to paint, plaster and redesign your conservatory space as you would a normal room.

LED spotlights, matching external tiles with your existing house roof, interior design – it’s all possible with our conservatory roof projects.

You can even keep your existing conservatory walls, doors and windows if you want to retain your current garden room look. (However, a Guardian Warm Roof installation does also allow you to replace them if you’d prefer.)

A succesful conservatory roof conversion 2


A Guardian Warm Roof Conservatory Conversion is the most cost-effective way of adding more space to your home.

Your conservatory may currently be a draughty, damp, cold or overheated room that you tend to avoid. But that doesn’t have to be the reality.

With a Guardian Warm Roof, installed by a trustworthy roofing company like Projects 4 Roofing, you’ll be amazed by how comfortable you can be in your conservatory all year round.

A conservatory roof conversion can give you the extra space you need, while avoiding the need for an expensive house move or building an entire extension.

Families can enjoy their conservatory more after a conservatory roof conversion 2

Take a look at our case studies from some of our past conservatory roof projects, and get in touch with us to find out more.

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