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Has My Conservatory Roof Installer Done Work in My Postcode?

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Mar 12, 2021

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, hiring a local conservatory roofing installer has undeniable advantages.

In this article, we’ll cover a few more benefits of choosing a roofer who’s done work in and around your postcode before.

We’ll also give examples of some of our finest conservatory conversion projects and satisfied customers near you.

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Why choose a conservatory roofing installer with local experience?

Compared to big national chains, a local company will have a smaller, more specified customer base. As a result, you’ll matter more to them, and they’re likely to have come across the same type of concerns you have before.

Experience of performing conservatory transformations in a specific area means that the roofing company knows the neighbourhood, and is likely to be based close by. This can make a lot of difference to building timelines and their response to problems.

Perhaps most important of all, if a conservatory roofing installer is returning to your area, it’s a strong sign that they did a good job last time so aren’t afraid to come back!

Converting conservatories across East Anglia

At Projects 4 Roofing we have done work all over the east of England. If you come across a Guardian Warm Roof on a conservatory in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex or Hertfordshire, the chances are pretty good that we’ve been involved.

That’s because we specialise in installing the Guardian Warm Roof exclusively, and only work in our local and neighbouring counties. And also because we’re pretty good at what we do!

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So, if you’ve thought “Has Projects 4 Roofing installed any conservatory roofs near me?”, have a look at some real world examples of our projects all over the region:

Conservatory Roofs Cambridgeshire

With one foot in the county from our base in Newmarket, we’ve always had a strong customer base in Cambridgeshire.

Home to Ely Cathedral, the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell and of course the world renowned Cambridge University, taking a trip over the county line is always a pleasure for our team.

We visited Mr and Mrs Bates in Cambridge itself to transform their conservatory. A small but perfect sun room space, we fitted a brand new Guardian Warm Roof in place of their old one.

The Bates were impressed with our team’s efficiency and polite manner – which comes as standard with Projects 4 Roofing!

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Conservatory Roofs Norfolk

Our northern neighbors in Norfolk are never neglected. Whether it’s Norwich, Wymondham, Diss, Kings Lynn – we’ve installed new conservatory roofs in all the major towns across the county.

One polycarbonate conservatory roof that we converted into a solid Guardian roof was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tudor in Wymondham.

The Tudors are one of nearly 50 families we’ve served in Norfolk, so it’s likely we’ve worked as a conservatory roofing installer somewhere near your postcode, if you are from Norfolk.

The Tudors praised our professionalism and thoroughness in transforming their Victorian conservatory. They can now enjoy the comfort of their conservatory without having to worry about leaks, drastic temperature changes or rain noise.

Conservatory Roofs Suffolk

Mr. and Mrs. Perry of Bury St Edmunds were very pleased with our service, despite not having been referred to us by anyone.

We went to their Suffolk home to deliver one of our famous Guardian Warm Roof installations, replacing their old, troublesome polycarbonate conservatory roof. The couple described the transformation as “everything we hoped for and more.” It’s hard to beat that for feedback!

Customers like Mr. and Mrs. Perry are a big reason we love working (and living) in our home county. The people of Suffolk are a friendly, respectable and gracious bunch, and it’s our pleasure to have converted more than 120 conservatory roofs for our fellow local residents.

We’ve catered to customers in Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket, Sudbury, Haverhill and many other locations across Suffolk.

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Conservatory Roofs Essex

The Shaws, residents of Chelmsford, Essex, asked the Projects 4 Roofing team to replace their P-shaped conservatory roof with a new Guardian Warm Roof. We were more than happy to oblige.

Like the Shaws, a great many of our customers live in Essex and we frequently hop over to Chelmsford, Colchester, and Saffron Waldon.

The Peases, hailing from Tiptree in the same county, commended our professionalism. No doubt they were pleased to hear that the Guardian Warm Roof comes pre-approved by the LABC. We find customers are usually very pleased when we tell them that we deal with any building regulations and planning permissions applications on their behalf – regardless of where they live!

Hertfordshire Conservatory Roof Conversions

Though much of the county doesn’t quite qualify as East Anglia, we are nonetheless regular visitors to Hertfordshire. In fact, we’ve completed over 30 projects in Hertfordshire, transforming conservatories in Stevenage, Bishops Stortford, Royston and elsewhere.

Mr. and Mrs. B of Bishops Stortford were wise to carefully research the market before landing on Projects 4 Roofing for their polycarbonate conservatory roof conversion. Their very high standards were satisfied by our conservatory roofing installation team’s problem solving and professionalism.

Our commitment to solid roof installations in Hertfordshire has paid off, with dozens of conservatories now being used as garden rooms, indoor gyms, dining rooms, playrooms and more.

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Every Conservatory is Different

There’s a story behind every conservatory. Whether it was already part of the house when you moved in, or if you had it installed years ago and have seen it fall out of use. Often this happens because of the conditions inside deteriorating due to mould, moisture or uncomfortable temperatures.

Over more than 30 years of experience in the home improvement market — and installing solid conservatory roofs since they came on the market, we’ve seen all kinds of these stories. Some conservatories are quite challenging to convert – especially the older ones.

In those scenarios, it’s crucial that the conservatory roofing installer you hire knows how to approach the problem, and cares about your needs as a customer.

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As a local roofer, we’ve learnt that stories of conservatories are the stories of families and customers we serve. And because we’re a family company, resident in East Anglia ourselves, we care about those stories and those people.

Importantly, we’re also capable and fully prepared to handle any snag that might come up while converting your conservatory. That’s why we’re able to offer a Fixed Price Quote on every conservatory roof replacement project we handle. With us, you’ll never be out of pocket for minor adjustments or little fixes that come up during the job.

Interested to learn more? Give us a call and see what we can do in your postcode.

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