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How to make your conservatory your kid's favourite playroom

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Aug 19, 2022

There are many benefits of turning your conservatory into a playroom for the summer holidays.

With a large, open space that they can enjoy, it will be easier to clean up after and keep the mess contained in one room.

You can see it now, can’t you? The rest of your house is kept intact, you’re winning already!!

It’s so exciting because your options and conservatory uses are limitless. Creating a playroom in your insulated conservatory is an excellent way to give your kids their own space. However, before doing this, you should be sure that they love the idea of it.

Decoration and design

You want your kids to feel like they are a part of the process and that they are giving their input. Involving them in the design and decoration process will bring them joy, allow them to connect with the space, and make an enjoyable environment.

To achieve this, you can fill the room with all their favourite toys and stuffed animals. This will make them excited to use the space since they can do whatever they want in there!

Make your conservatory playroom inviting for your kids by providing a space where they can be creative and imaginative.

  • Provide a small table and chairs to work on arts and crafts.
  • Add some bookshelves with books, toys, or art supplies.
  • A few cushions on the floor to create a cosy reading corner.
  • A play kitchen with pots, pans, dishes, and utensils.

For older children, you may consider a gaming area with a dedicated screen or space to get messy with artist mediums.
Give them whatever they’re into to keep them occupied for the summer holidays!

Entertained young sibligns painting together on the floor in their homes insulated conservatory

Keep it fresh

When it comes to conservatories, a lot of people don't like spending time in them because they're so hot. They can be uncomfortable, stuffy, and sweaty. 

Children are no exception; they’ll have the same reluctance to spend time in your conservatory if it isn't fresh and pleasant too.

Want a guaranteed way to regulate temperatures and keep your space comfortable, no matter what the weather throws at you?

Replace your conservatory roof!

Insulated conservatory roofs are great at thermal control. They allow you to keep your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Happy mother reading a book to her daughters in their insulated conservatory playroom

Double tap into insulated conservatory roofs


Insulated conservatory roofs are the new way to go if you want to increase your conservatory uses and make them a more practical and usable space.

Apart from aiding with thermal control, an insulated solid roof conservatory embodies numerous benefits. Some of these include:

Beautiful red tiled insulated conservatory transformed by Projects4Roofing

  • Noise reduction: a solid roof conservatory has significant noise reduction properties and is an excellent way of reducing noise in a playroom.
  • Protection: not only does it protect against the harsh elements, but a solid insulated conservatory also protects against dampness and condensation.
  • Sun glare reduction: a solid roof over your conservatory will prevent furious sun rays from hitting your furniture, family, and why not, gaming consoles (you know how sensitive these might be)

Insulated conservatory ready to be enjoyed during a wonderful summer day

Transform your conservatory with Projects4Roofing!

The playroom is the perfect space for kids to explore and thrive.

A room dedicated solely to their interests and creativity can be a haven for you too!

If you are planning to maximize your space and transform your conservatory into your kid's favourite place, Projects4Roofing is here to help you.

When you need to replace your conservatory roof it's important to know that your contractor is qualified and experienced.

Our team of trained and qualified roofers have been installing roofs for over 20 years. They'll have your new insulated conservatory roof installed in just 8 days!

We even clean up after ourselves so that your children can enjoy their insulated conservatory playroom right away.

A new solid roof conservatory offers a number of benefits over traditional styles.

If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to help you with your design ideas, then get in touch today.

We're conservatory roof specialists that apply our expertise to produce innovative and memorable designs.

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