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Who is Conservatory Roofing Right For?

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Mar 22, 2021

We exist because we know that conservatory roofing can be better. A new roof is a great way to breathe new life into a conservatory that’s not living up to its potential.

However, we realise that there are other conservatory roofing options, and that an insulated conservatory isn’t the best choice for everyone.

You may be considering improvement work on your home, whether that’s a conservatory or extension.

We’ve identified three types of people that would be suited to different solutions:

1. Those looking for a full extension

2. Those who are happy with their current roof

3. Those not looking for a long-term investment

Let’s take a look at each group, in turn, to help you identify whether conservatory roofing is best for your situation.

A Full Extension

If you’ve got a conservatory with a glass or polycarbonate roof, we’re the specialists who can replace it with a Guardian Warm Roof. The finished conversion feels just like a full extension after we add wall plastering and even LED spotlights if requested. You get the feel and warmth of a real room but it remains a conservatory.

Nonetheless, there are those who just want a full extension to the house instead of a conservatory roof conversion. We respect that choice and wouldn’t want to talk anyone into re-roofing their conservatory if it’s not for them.

That said, we believe that everyone should be fully informed. So it’s important to keep in mind the difficulties that an extension involves:

Extensions are Expensive

After full demolition of your current conservatory to make way for the extension, plus the full construction of course, you’ll be looking at a hefty price.
The extra time, resources, labour and materials that go into a full extension will no doubt be reflected in your final bill.

Family with extension under construction which is a more complex solution than conservatory roofing

Longer Construction – More Interruption

Your existing conservatory has to be removed before a new room can be built in its place. Knocking it down is a time-consuming and messy process, but necessary before the actual construction of the extension itself can begin.
Once demolition has been completed, the existing base of your conservatory will need to be taken up, and new footings will need to be put in place that are suitable for an extension.

At least three new walls will then have to be built where the conservatory walls stand now. Bricklaying, plastering, window fitting and so on all take time.
Meanwhile, you’re living in your house and putting up with the sounds, sights and smells of demolition and construction. All those labourers spending extended time on this full extension process can be disruptive to your daily lives.

It’s worth bearing these interruptions to you and your neighbours in mind when considering a full extension. Compared with about 8 days that it takes to transform a conservatory roof, you may be looking at weeks or even months of building work.

More Complex Building Regulations

Building regulations can be daunting and complex. In simple terms, the more extensive your construction project, the more hurdles you have to jump through.

Guardian Warm Roofs, for example, come pre-approved by the LABC, making Building Regulations application a breeze. On the other hand, full extensions must go through a lengthy Building Regulations Approval process.

However, adhering to proper building regulations is important, as they are there to ensure every home complies with safety and stylistic standards.

Couple figuring out if they are able to invest in conservatory roofing

Planning Permission May Also Be Needed

When converting a conservatory roof you always need Building Regulations but you do not need to apply for planning permission as it is considered a permitted development. However, if your home is within a conservation area or a listed building you may need to get planning permission, we are always on hand to help with this.

The planning permission for extensions is a more complex procedure and is usually required. Ensure that you know the rules. Information can be found here.

Lost Conservatory

Besides the difficulties above, destroying your garden room in order to build an extension means you lose your conservatory altogether. With the weather warming up at the moment and the promise of a beautiful British summer, you may live to regret the decision to build solid brick walls.

For some, the loss of a conservatory is a price worth paying. However, you may not be aware of everything that’s possible with your conservatory. Let’s explore the next group – those who are happy with their existing roof:

Those Happy with a Glass or Polycarbonate Roof

Many conservatories in the UK were built with transparent polycarbonate or glass roofs. And there are plenty of people who are content with them, despite the common problems they can present.

Leaking conservatory roofs, drastic temperature changes in winter and summer, draughts, mould and glaring sunlight are all regular complaints. But it’s possible that you don’t mind these issues, or only use your conservatory a handful of times a year and don’t feel it needs improvement.

For this group, an insulated conservatory with a Guardian Roof is not necessary and any cracks in the panes or inconveniences that arise can be repaired ad hoc. You’ll certainly save money in the short term by avoiding a full extension or conservatory roof replacement.

Saving money is the chief priority of our third group as well…

Mature woman thinking about conservatory roofing options

Those Not Looking for a Long-term Investment

An extension or conservatory roof conversion aren’t cheap quick fixes. If you’re looking to save money rather than invest in a long-term solution, neither of these two alternatives will do.

In this case, keeping your glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof may be your preferred option. Although the frequent minor repairs do add up over time and may turn out to be a false economy overall.

Alternatively, the people of this third group without the funds or will to invest much might find a cheap, off-brand conservatory roofing option. A word of warning here: ensure that any off-brand roofing solution is approved by the Local Authority Building Control (LABC). It’s okay if you prefer a cheaper model which doesn’t have all the advantages of the Guardian Warm Roof, but you should never compromise on safety.

Secondly, always get a fixed price quote. Too often in the building trade, customers are drawn in by a cheap price, which steadily ascends as more costs and fees are added throughout the project. With increase after increase, you could end up paying more money for an inferior product — and no one wants that!

Everything should be included in the price you get from day one. Get it in writing so you don’t face a hefty final bill – or an abandoned project and a conservatory without any roof!

Happy man working on his desk searching for conservatory roofing options

The Guardian Warm Roof – A Worthwhile Investment

There is a bonus fourth group of people which includes all Projects 4 Roofing customers: those who do want to invest in a long-term conservatory roofing solution.

We don’t mince our words – a conservatory or extension isn’t cheap when done correctly. But if you’re willing to invest in your conservatory, you’ll benefit this summer and in the long-term.

A Guardian Warm Roof is much cheaper than your average extension, and a much faster project to complete. Unlike many alternative conservatory roofing options which are often unsafe (like insulation panels) or ineffective (like roof blinds), the Guardian Roof is pre-approved by the LABC.

While it is a sizable investment, we offer a 20-year installation guarantee with every conservatory roof conversion we perform. This gives you peace of mind that your new roof and warm, insulated conservatory will still be standing in years to come, and will also increase the value of your property over the long term.


Different people have different priorities when it comes to their homes. Conservatory roofing isn’t right for everybody, and it’s best to find out whether you’re one of them early on.

Do your research, get some reliable quotes and see if a long-term investment is what you’re after.

If you choose a Guardian Warm Roof from Projects 4 Roofing to transform your conservatory, you can guarantee a reliable, polite and expert installation team will fit your new roof in much less time than a full house extension.

Get in touch to find out more about our conservatory roofing, and for a fixed price quote on your project.

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