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Convert Your Conservatory into a Lovely Garden Room This Spring

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Feb 19, 2021

As the days get longer, birds start to sing again, and the flowers begin to poke out their heads, you may be looking to spend more time in your conservatory.

If only your conservatory wasn’t so cold and damp!

Well, what if you could transform your conservatory into the garden room of your dreams?

A conservatory conversion could transform your conservatory into a lovely, insulated and dry place to enjoy your garden without the need to go outside.


Read on to find out how!

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Convert your conservatory with a Guardian Warm Roof

Nobody wants to spend time in a cold, damp, uncomfortable room. But there are so many advantages from being able to use your conservatory in the springtime. Luckily, it’s possible to transform your conservatory into a real, usable garden room with relative ease.

The solution is replacing your conservatory roof with a Guardian Warm Roof. The unique and effective conservatory design of the Guardian roofing system gives you a whole range of advantages:

1. Insulation

Spring is a time of change – one day you could be basking in the glorious sunshine, the next, an April shower is passing by, pitter-pattering on the panes.

With a Guardian Warm Roof you’ll hardly notice the difference inside your conservatory. Discrete yet effective layers of insulation are built into the design of the new roof itself, putting an end to drastic temperature changes.

Cold spring mornings become a thing of the past, and hot late May days don’t make the conservatory a stifling glass house. It’s a win-win!

2. Eliminate rain noise

There’s no escaping the odd rainy day at this time of year. Fortunately, the design of a solid roof conservatory means that you won’t be disturbed by the noise of constant downpour.

Compared with glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs for example, which reflect and amplify the impact of raindrops, the Guardian Warm Roof is thick and solid enough to absorb most external sounds. That leaves you in peace to enjoy your garden room view in quiet focus.

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3. No more leaking conservatory

You’d never put up with a leak in any other part of your home – why should the conservatory be any different?

Yet so many conservatories in the UK suffer from this complaint. The main cause is cracks or gaps between the glass or polycarbonate panes of the conservatory roof. That means when it rains outside – it rains inside too!

By replacing your polycarbonate conservatory roof with a solid roof there’ll be no more water accumulation on the conservatory floor. That nasty musty smell that takes over your conservatory (caused by standing or trapped water) will also be a thing of the past.

4. No more mould

Designed with waterproof ventilation in-built, the Guardian Roof is one of the best conservatory roof solutions to prevent mould.

Allowing air to circulate and moisture to evaporate through the roof structure means that condensation doesn’t build up. Black mould loves the moisture of condensation and can cause unpleasant health issues. But not in a Guardian Warm Roof conservatory!

5. Zero sun glare

A gorgeous spring day is the perfect time to sit in your conservatory and appreciate your budding blooms. It’s rather spoiled then if the sun is so bright that you’re blinded from above.

This common issue with transparent roofs is fully eliminated by a solid conservatory roofing solution. A proper roof blocks sun glare, allowing you to look out comfortably at the fruits of your horticultural efforts – even on the sunniest days.

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What can you do in your new Garden Room?

Cold and damp, or overheating in the warmer months can cause you to avoid the conservatory altogether. It can therefore be easy to forget why you got a conservatory in the first place – or what you used to do in it.

With a transformed conservatory however you’ll have a brand new garden room ready for spring. And the possibilities under a Guardian Warm Roof are endless!

Bird watching

Ornithologists rejoice! As the birdsong swells to a springtime crescendo, you’ll be perfectly placed to sight all the visiting species. Simply set up a bird feeder in the garden and take up your observation spot in the warm comfort of your conservatory.
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Yoga and meditation

The soothing power of mindfulness has been a solace for many during this hard, homebound year. A meditation or yoga session in your garden surroundings is hard to beat for calming the mind and body.

Push your furniture aside, put a mat down, and breathe deeply in your garden room haven.

Read a book

Furlough, remote working, and even lockdowns have had the unintended benefit of lending us more time. With no more commute, you can now actually enjoy a book in the peace and quiet of your own home, rather than under a fellow train passenger’s arm.

Analogue leisure activities like reading or jigsaw puzzles are all the more enjoyable while sat amongst the beauty of nature. And in your leak-free converted conservatory there’s no more chance of your pages getting dripped on!

Work from home

Separate from the main part of the house, a conservatory gives you all the benefits of a home office with the added bonus of a garden view. Taking in a bit of greenery is a great way to break up the monotony of looking at a computer screen all day.

Admiring your garden

As any keen gardener will know, spring is one of the most wonderful times of the year to have an outdoor space. All the weeding, digging, planting and watering that you labour at the rest of the year finally pays off!

Sit in comfort and relaxation in your garden room, enjoying your flowers, bushes and neatly trimmed lawn. Even better – soon enough you’ll be able to bring friends and family round to show them off to.

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If the prospect of a comfortable, hassle-free garden room sounds interesting to you, it’s worth looking into converting your conservatory roof.

Consult Projects 4 Roofing for more details and we’ll help you realise the perfect conservatory garden room before the April showers have gone!

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