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Lots of flies in your conservatory? It’s time to transform it with Projects4Roofing!

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Apr 15, 2022

We’re all too familiar with that black spec that keeps flying in and out of our view in the conservatory. 

Frantically clapping mid-air, making us boss-eyed and breathless as it camouflages itself amongst the furnishings!


Ahah, you’ve got it! You hold on tight, and a small smirk appears as your triumph. 

You open your hand to see your catch and a wave of disappointment washes over you as you realise FLY 1 - YOU 0.

There must be a better way to get the flies out of your conservatory.

Conservatory uses are endless and your place should be used for relaxing, entertaining or as an extension of your living space

But when you have too many flies in your conservatory how is that even possible? 

Projects4Roofing are here to help eliminate those pesky flies from your conservatory and restore it to its former glory.

(Disclaimer: no flies were hurt in the making of this blog!)

What are the causes of flies in a conservatory?

Flies are a common problem in conservatory environments fitted with early conservatory roofing materials.

A glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof was a popular choice for those who wanted to enjoy their conservatory and garden. 

However, it is often difficult to maintain these types of conservatory roofs as they are prone to leaks, condensation, and mould growth

This can cause major structural damage to your conservatory and ruin the interior of your home.

A leaking conservatory roof is likely to worsen mould growth and attract flies into your conservatory.

Mould growth is often due to high levels of moisture, which are caused by the condensation from cracks, leaks, or broken seals of your polycarbonate conservatory roof.

Conservatory after being transformed

How to get rid of flies in a conservatory

As the weather gets warmer, of course, we want to start spending more time in our conservatory and enjoy the view.

But you don’t want to be unwinding with Fred & Flo Fly buzzing around your head!

Flies can be a major nuisance for humans and animals alike. Spreading diseases, contaminating food, and causing allergies. 

Just YUK!

So besides wanting to convert your conservatory roof, there are a few preventative measures you can take:

  • Conservatory screens
  • Use insecticides    
  • Fly Swatter/zapper
  • Fly Paper 

This goes without saying, but it’s also important to keep your conservatory clean and clear of clutter too. 

Flies are attracted to organic matter and as the temperature warms up, they look for spaces to lay eggs. 

These temporary measures will allow you to enjoy your conservatory for the meanwhile. So, let’s explore how you can have the conservatory of your dreams. 

Get the most out of your conservatory today

Whether you want an extra living area, a place for the grandchildren to play or just make your home feel more spacious.

Your conservatory should be all that you’ve dreamed of.

Conservatory roof replacement isn’t often the first thing you think about when it comes to conservatory maintenance. 

But a leaky conservatory roof can lead to major structural damage to your home and cost you tens of thousands in repairs. 

Convert your conservatory roof to a solid roof to enjoy a functional room. 

This will give you endless conservatory uses and allow you to enjoy it without all the worries of:

  • Leaking conservatory roof

A polycarbonate conservatory roof was a popular addition to many homes. The material is thin and lightweight, but unfortunately, is prone to cracks and leaks due to its lack of support and sealing.

  • Glare from the sun on hot summer days.

We all love the sun shining brightly, but it can be hard to see. A solid roof conservatory will remove that bothersome glare allowing you to work, play or relax.

  • Your conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter

With an insulated conservatory, enjoy your conservatory on a chilly winter's day or relish the warmth of a summer’s afternoon. With thermal technology and climatic control, your solid roof conservatory will be enjoyed all year round. 

Replace your conservatory roof to withstand the seasonal fluctuations and harsh elements of the UK climate and create a cosy space. 

Your newly insulated conservatory will give you comfort and joy all year round with multiple benefits and conservatory uses.

Plus, it will be a big fat win FLY 0 - YOU 100!

Happy couple with their choice to convert their conservatory wih p4r (1)

7 reasons to choose Project4Roofing

We’ve been in the industry for over 20years and absolutely love what we do.

We enjoy making your conservatory transformation dreams come true whilst winning the war against those irritating flies!

But there are also a few other reasons to choose us for your conservatory roof replacement:

  • Accreditations

P4R is Approved Craftsman by the CPA, trusted traders approved by and also a WHICH trusted trader. Each accrediting body has high standards and rigorous processes to be endorsed.

  • Reviews

We all make sure to read the reviews thoroughly to make sure we’re making the right purchase. Check out our WHICH Trusted Trader reviews, Google reviews, and customer testimonials.

  • Specialise in conservatory roof replacement

It’s what we do best! To ensure you have the best possible roofing system to allow you to enjoy your conservatory 24/7, 365 days of the year.

  • Your local conservatory roofing installer

P4R are your local roof installer for East Anglia. It’s an area close to our heart and love providing the best service in town.

  • Within the community

All our workers are from our community and are trained and fully qualified to the highest standards.  Local roofers have in-depth knowledge and can relate to issues faced by local residents. Plus, building a strong workforce within the community for the community.

  • Clear terms and conditions

We like plain and simple language! Delivering all our contracts for your conservatory roof replacement project with the minimum amount of industry jargon.

  • A good working relationship

A great connection is as important as the quality of materials we supply. We go above and beyond to ensure that your conservatory transformation is harmonised around you, your family, and your pets. And that we’re on hand for any question or query you may have.

There are many more reasons why we’re the right fit for the job but the main one is, we want you to have the conservatory you deserve minus the flies.

Contact us today to see when you can get started on your new conservatory transformation or browse our helpful blogs and guides for more info.

In the meantime, happy fly catching!

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