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How to Stay Warm During Winter With an Insulated Conservatory

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Nov 26, 2021

Are you dreading the temperature change in your conservatory conversion as the autumn weather takes hold?

Want to utilise your whole house and be cosy and warm during the cold months?

Then an insulated conservatory is your answer!

There is nothing more appealing than an insulated conservatory that provides a cosy, warm space to enjoy the colder days! 

Whether you're looking for a place to enjoy and spend time with the family or an extra room to cook and entertain guests, this addition will make your house feel like home.

In addition to an insulated conservatory, have you ever considered getting a wood burner? 

The benefits of a wood burner are numerous, from providing your home with a traditional look to providing extra warmth in the winter. 

The pièce de résistance for any insulated conservatory and a gathering point for family and friends to spend warm cosy and entertaining nights together. 

Benefits of having an insulated conservatory

Benefits of having an insulated conservatory

Having an insulated conservatory is a great way to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Completing a conservatory roof replacement with a Guardian Warm Roof will give you the added benefit of:

High-efficiency insulation

Through trademarked thermal technology and solid materials, a Guardian Roof structure is designed to provide perfect ventilation and temperature control.

Transforming to a solid roof conservatory, the Guardian Roof makes use of the fresh air, warmth, and natural light in your home. Giving you a completely insulated conservatory to enjoy.

Adds value to your house

If you’re renovating or extending your home or wanting a conservatory roof replacement. An insulated conservatory is an excellent addition. 

Like any other room in your house, your converted conservatory can be used for a multitude of purposes, including a garden room, playroom for children or even an office.

Reduces heat-bills 

With the way energy prices are rising, that’s music to anybody’s ears!

Having an insulated conservatory can significantly reduce your energy bills as the thermal technology holds the heat, keeping the warmth generated circulating within your house. 

Easy installation

An insulated conservatory is a significant investment. So, Projects 4 Roofing ensure the conservatory will meet your needs, plus installation is quick, easy and with minimal disruption to you, your house, and your family. 

Benefits of having a wood burner in an insulated conservatory

Benefits of having a wood burner

Wood burners are a great addition to any home or insulated conservatory, as it provides warmth and a cosy atmosphere. 

Becoming popular for their ability to provide cheaper and cleaner energy, wood burners also improve your converted conservatory décor.

Alternative heat source and Eco Friendly

Wood burners are a popular option because they are environmentally friendly. 

One wood burner can produce up to four times as much heat as a traditional coal or gas fireplace and produces less soot and smoke than other types of fireplaces.

Although power supplies are usually consistent, if a blackout ever occurs or there’s a problem with your central heating; you have your wood burner as an alternative heat source.

Decorative and stylish

Wood burners create a warm and comforting atmosphere, and they can be used for heating as well as for cooking food. 

They also produce natural light that is very easy on the eye, providing a sense of nostalgia especially for festivities at Christmas.

As a showstopper, consider a wood burner if you're looking for an aesthetic upgrade to your insulated conservatory and home. 

Budget friendly

Wood burners are a cost-effective way to heat a home. They use more natural resources and can also produce a more pleasant smell than some other methods of heating.

Wood burners have been around for centuries, but they have become more popular as people try to reduce their carbon footprint and spend less on energy bills.

You could be doing your bit for the planet and use offcuts from timber merchants to reduce waste. Win, win for everyone!

Lovely couple enjoying their insulated conservatory

When should I install my insulated conservatory?

During the cold winter months, you want a well insulated conservatory that will also serve you well during the summer months too.

As a significant investment, it is important to make sure that you are going to get your money’s worth by knowing when the best time for conservatory roof replacement is.

As the leaves turn brown and fall to the ground, now is time to think about getting your insulated conservatory installed. 

That means getting your fixed quote for a conservatory roof transformation or and wood burner installation before the cold weather truly sets in.

Benefits of having an insulated conservatory (1)

Projects 4 Roofing + Guardian Warm Roof: the best duo for a safe conservatory roof installation

Projects 4 Roofing offer conservatory roof replacement solutions for home owners throughout East Anglia

As Team Guardian Members, we expertly transform your conservatory roof by installing the Guardian Warm Roof. 

Over the years, we've seen how the conservatory conversion industry has grown, and how competitive it’s become. 

Yet we've found that one thing remains to be true: Quality Counts! That is why Projects 4 Roofing will always remain committed to supply and install this unique Guardian Warm Roof System.


It’s the only brand we trust. Not only for its incredible quality but the fact it’s pre-approved, registered and certified by the Local Area Building Control (LABC). 

This endorsement alone saves you a lot of time, money, and extra processes plus it also comes with excellent guarantees.


A properly insulated conservatory should keep your conservatory at the most comfortable temperature possible.

Our trusted Guardian Warm Roof is high-performance insulated. Keeping your conservatory cool in the summer and warm and comfy during autumn and winter.

Quick turnaround

Project 4 Roofing pride ourselves on being experienced, reliable, affordable.

With over 10 years of expertise, we have managed to whittle down the full conservatory roof replacement process to 8 days!

Yes, Project 4 Roofing can provide the safest and fastest way to get your insulated conservatory before the nice weather disappears.

Say goodbye to problems 

The Guardian Warm Roof will provide many benefits plus eradicate problems seen with traditional glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs.

  • Leakages
  • Condensation 
  • Mould 
  • Unsightly cracks 

Closing the deal to start transforming a conservatory into an insulated conservatory

Get your insulated conservatory scheduled

Projects 4 Roofing are always happy to have a chat, so contact us today to see when we can get you the insulated conservatory you desire.

If you’re not quite ready to talk to us but want more information, have a read of our conservatory roof replacement guide.

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