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What Should I Do With My Pets During My Conservatory Conversion?

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Aug 13, 2021


The team here at Projects 4 Roofing are big animal lovers. 

Besides looking after our own pets, we like nothing more than seeing a dog take his first curious steps into a new conservatory conversion, or a cat curl herself up on the sofa under a new Guardian Warm Roof.

But when it comes to the conservatory conversion process itself, there are a few very good reasons why house pets should be kept well away from the work area:

  • Safety – for both animals and people
  • Stress – no-one wants your pets to become anxious
  • Speed – the less distraction and interruption to our work, the faster we can install your conservatory roof! 

You may be wondering what you should do with your pets during your conservatory roof replacement.

Follow these straightforward pet guidelines to keep your furry friends happy and out of harm’s way. 

Family planning a conservatory conversion and getting ready so their pet doesnt get stressed (1)Pet safety first

It’s estimated that 59% of households in the UK have pets – the majority of which are either dogs or cats. So more often than not, we turn up to start a conservatory transformation project and find ourselves in an animal-friendly household. 

When you’re having a conservatory conversion done in your home it’s natural to worry about how your pets are going to cope with the disruption and noise. Regardless of whether you have a ferret, a tarantula or a stick insect, they’re part of your family, and you naturally want to look after them. Strange people coming in, new experiences, unusual sights and sounds can be stressful for any pet. 

Most importantly though, for a few days during the conservatory conversion, your conservatory and garden temporarily become a work area. Having people on site who shouldn’t be, is dangerous – let alone your puppy or kitten!

Safety is our number one priority when undergoing a conservatory roof replacement – both for your family and pets, but also for our team. 

So how can you ensure your pets are safe, unstressed and out of the way of labourers during their Guardian roof installation? 

1. Keep your pet in another part of the house

Limited space at home is a very popular reason for converting your conservatory into a proper room and opening up an unused area. 

But no matter how cramped it gets before your new solid roof conservatory is completed, you cannot let your cat, dog, or iguana into the work area. 

Having strange people like roofers and plasterers in your conservatory might make your pet over excited or stressed and anxious. We can’t complete the home extension work without some noise, but moving pets as far as possible from your conservatory should keep them calmer. 

It also makes it safer for our trained installers to do their job without a dog or cat running around near dangerous tools and materials. 

Luckily, Projects 4 Roofing can install a Guardian Warm Roof in as little as 8 days, so it won’t be too long to keep your pet away. 

Happy family having fun with their pet after a conservatory conversion2. Create a new, suitable place for your pet to relax

Unless you have a python or a rat that needs to be kept in a cage, free-roaming pets like dogs and cats will often gravitate to the conservatory. The warmth and sunlight is a big draw for animals to settle down and make their habitual cosy spot. 

During your conservatory conversion, construction work means they can’t use that regular space. To keep them calm and make your lives easier, we recommend recreating a comfy, safe space elsewhere in the house for your pet to sleep and eat. 

Get them used to it a few days before so it’s not a big shock on the first day of installation. 

If you just don’t have the space in your home outside of the conservatory, consider taking your beloved pooch or kitty to a friend or relative who can look after them for a few days. 

3. Block your pet’s path to the conservatory

Unlike a human family member, it’s harder to teach your animal companions to not go into the conservatory. Pets are often creatures of habit, and sometimes think they own the place – we’ve all met those cats! 

The solution to keeping them away for their own safety, and to avoid accidents and distracting the labourers, is to block the routes into the conservatory. Our team must be able to work without fear of something going wrong that’s out of their control. 

Once your pets have been moved into a new space, you’ll have to close doors, seal cat flaps, and put up whatever barriers and barricades necessary to stop curious kitties and prying puppies from getting through. 

A new family is now ready to enjoy their conservatory conversion.4. Find an alternative to the garden

In many homes, the conservatory is a route to the garden – one which your pet may have gotten used to. 

With the whole area inside and outside turned into a conservatory transformation work area, your best beast buddy is going to have to make other arrangements to do their business. 

As you’ll know, lots of pets love going outside and they need that daily exercise. With the garden out of bounds, you must take this into account. 

That means taking dogs for extra walks, or even creating a special internal garden in your house. If you have the space you can add a few house plants, throw in some pet toys, or different textures and materials to keep them occupied. Then open a window and make sure there’s a litter tray or whatever other amenities your pet needs. It’s not perfect, but it’s only temporary until your conservatory conversion is complete. 

5.  Keep your pets calm and happy

As we’ve explained, we can’t have Boxer or Mr.Fluffysides taking the opportunity to practice their social skills with our roofers. However, we do understand that intelligent animals especially need attention, and they can pick up human emotions very keenly. 

The last thing we want is for your pets to get anxious while we’re at work in your new insulated conservatory. 

Every pet is different, but the more you can do to keep them relaxed and attended to, the better it will be for them, you and us. 

Firstly, this means not being frustrated or stressed. Your pets have enough to be anxious about with the move to a different space, without picking up empathetic anxiety from their owners. 

Thankfully our team is calm, efficient and professional, so you’ll have no cause for frustration from us. 

Secondly, you know your best friend better than anyone, so listen to them and change up the routine when necessary. 

If you think an extra walk to a nearby park will calm them down, take them out. If they need more attention from you to keep them distracted and relaxed during the installation, spend more time with them. And don’t forget extra treats go a long way to reinforce positive behaviour when they’ve been good!

Family planning a conservatory conversion and getting ready so their pet doesnt get stressedProjects 4 Roofing is there for you – and your pets!

The best thing you can do to look after your furry friends during a conservatory conversion is to make sure the process is as quick and slick as possible

There will inevitably be disruptions and you’ll have to make allowances for the well-being of household pets. But ultimately, it may be a tricky time for your animals, and the sooner it’s over, the better. 

Our trained installers are not only recognised for their skills, neatness and professionalism, but also for their speed. As a conservatory roofing installation company we’ve perfectioned the process of removing old roofs and fitting Guardian Warm Roofs in record time – usually within a week! We also pride ourselves on making sure the area is absolutely clean and ready to be used at the end of the job. 

Compared to other home alternatives, a conservatory conversion to a Guardian Roof with Projects 4 Roofing represents the least possible disruption. Other solutions such as home extensions or moving houses can take weeks or months and be really nerve-racking for pets.

However, once our work is done, the conservatory roof insulation will turn your conservatory into the most comfortable room in the house. That’s a win-win for you and your pets, and well worth waiting for the moment they patter into the new conservatory to find their cosy spot for the first time.

Our vast conservatory conversion experience means we’ve dealt with a lot of pets and can offer helpful advice ahead of the installation. If you’re still worried about it, why not give us a call and we can recommend the best solutions for keeping your pup, kitten or hamster friends happy. 

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