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Summer special! Enjoy summer with an insulated conservatory roof

Posted by Clare Whitehall on May 26, 2023

Do you often find yourself avoiding your conservatory during the hot summer months because of the uncomfortable heat? 

If walking into your conservatory in the middle of August feels like you’re stepping into a sauna, you’re not alone. Many homeowners that have a conservatory with a glass or polycarbonate roof find themselves in a similar situation. And with summer just around the corner, your conservatory is soon going to start getting warmer. 

At Projects4Roofing, we’re specialists in helping homeowners transform their conservatories into a space they can enjoy in comfort all year round
By upgrading to a solid roof conservatory, you'll be able to take advantage of your conservatory space this summer without having to worry about the uncomfortable heat.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits you can expect when you choose a solid conservatory roof and some ideas for enjoying your conservatory space this summer.

The benefits of having an insulated conservatory roof

Glass and polycarbonate roofs are incredibly common for conservatories built before 2010. 

In 2010, building regulations were changed to permit lightweight, insulated solid conservatory roofs that can deliver a wide range of benefits. 

A) All-year-round comfort: one of the biggest advantages of a solid roof conservatory is the ability to maintain a stable temperature all year round. 

In the summer months, the solid construction of an insulated conservatory roof prevents the strength of the sun's rays from streaming in through the roof of your conservatory and making the temperature uncomfortable. 

And in the winter months, the additional insulation of a solid conservatory roof can prevent heat from escaping - which is a common issue with glass or polycarbonate roofs. 

When you choose an insulated conservatory roof, you can avoid extremes of temperature in your conservatory during summer and winter. 

B) Energy efficiency: by investing in an insulated conservatory roof, you can have the peace of mind that you’re improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Both glass and polycarbonate are not thermally efficient materials for conservatory roofs and allow a lot of heat from inside your conservatory to escape. This is one of the things that makes your conservatory unbearably cold in winter.

An insulated conservatory roof is far more thermally efficient and helps you retain heat inside your conservatory, at the same time as preventing your conservatory from becoming too hot due to the strength of the sun. 

Choosing a solid conservatory roof replacement means you’re less likely to need additional heaters in winter, and can avoid having to use fans and mobile air conditioning units in your conservatory during summer. Not only is this good for your energy bills, but it’s also good for the environment. 


Lovely solid roof conservatory with windows installed by Projects4Roofing

C) Noise reduction: are you tired of being disturbed by the sound of the summer rain, or the noise of your neighbours´ barbeque while you’re trying to enjoy some quiet time in your conservatory? 

When you upgrade to an insulated conservatory roof you’ll be able to transform your conservatory into a peaceful and relaxing space, free from the distraction of external noises. 

Insulated conservatory roofs provide superior noise reduction compared to traditional glass or polycarbonate roofs. So the next time your neighbours throw a summer garden party, it doesn’t need to spoil the tranquillity of your conservatory. 

D) Increased property value: an insulated conservatory roof can also help you add value to your property. It’s estimated that upgrading to a solid roof conservatory can increase your property value by as much as 10%

It can also make your property stand out in a busy housing market. 

The energy efficiency of homes is becoming an increasingly important consideration for people looking to purchase properties. In fact, 90% of homebuyers listed energy efficiency as an important factor when they are looking at a new home. 

By choosing an insulated conservatory roof, you’re making your property far more attractive to prospective buyers that are looking for an energy-efficient home. 

E) Reduced maintenance: another major benefit of choosing a solid conservatory roof replacement is that you don’t need to worry about leaks, draughts, or lots of ongoing maintenance. 

A glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof is typically made from a number of different panels that are joined together with seals. If a panel slips or a seal breaks, it can allow frustrating leaks and draughts into your conservatory. The multi-layered construction of a solid roof conservatory eliminates the risk of these problems. 

If you’re the owner of a conservatory with a traditional roof, you might also be familiar with the problem of algae, moss, and lichen growing on your translucent roof. It’s common for conservatory owners with a glass or polycarbonate roof to have to spend time and money keeping on top of roof maintenance to stop these growths from becoming unsightly. 

This isn’t an issue with a solid, insulated conservatory roof. 

A solid conservatory roof is easy to clean and maintain, and you don’t need to worry about visible growth spoiling the enjoyment and ambience of your conservatory space.

Happy woman working from her homes insulated conservatory

Ideas for enjoying summer in your insulated conservatory

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the comfort of your solid roof conservatory. 

We’ve put together some ideas for how you and your family can spend time and make memories in your conservatory this summer. 

An indoor area for a summer garden party
:there’s nothing better in the height of summer than hosting a garden party or barbeque for your close friends and family. But the unpredictability of the British weather can sometimes interrupt your best-laid plans. 

This is where your solid roof conservatory comes in! 

Your insulated conservatory provides a comfortable space for your guests to congregate if the weather becomes too hot outside, or you experience an unexpected rain shower. 

You might even consider adding a minibar to your conservatory to make it a perfect space to prepare and serve drinks for your party!

A beautiful home office: working from home has become the new normal for many people, and it’s important to have a dedicated space where you’re able to focus and work productively. 

By using your conservatory with a solid roof as your home working space this summer, you can enjoy a comfortable space insulated from outside noises where you can appreciate the benefits of plenty of natural light. 

Consider personalising your working space with some indoor plants and artwork to make your conservatory home office really feel like your own!

A welcoming family room: during the summer months, your solid roof conservatory can provide an additional living space where you can relax and unwind with your family. 

Furnish your conservatory with sofas, armchairs, and plenty of cushions for relaxing, and consider adding a table where the family can gather around and enjoy playing cards or board games.

With a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, your insulated conservatory can be a great place to make memories with your family this summer.

The perfect home gym: if you're the active type, you might consider turning your solid roof conservatory into your very own home gym.

Whether you choose to add yoga mats, kettlebells, or a full home gym setup, the natural light of your conservatory can help provide a refreshing and inspiring atmosphere for you to achieve your fitness goals.

And with your conservatory insulation providing a stable temperature all year round, you don't have to worry about exercising in the unbearable heat this summer.


Cute baby boy playing in a lovely solid roof conservatory playroom

A great space for children and grandchildren to play: if you have children or grandchildren in your home over the school summer holidays, consider using your insulated conservatory as a comfortable space for them to play and have fun.

With a bit of imagination and creativity, you can create a playroom that is bound to be a hit.

Add a comfortable rug to your conservatory floor and fill your space with toys, games, and puzzles to help keep the kids entertained for hours.

You might also consider adding some bean bags or a comfortable chair to encourage your children or grandchildren to sit and read with you.

Transforming your conservatory into a playroom can be a fun and practical way to use your additional space this summer.

Charming solid roof conservatory with a window on a cloudy day


Ready to enjoy summer in an insulated conservatory?

Don't spend another summer being unable to use your conservatory because of the unbearable heat.

By upgrading to a conservatory with a solid roof you can enjoy your wide range of benefits including a stable temperature or year-round, improved energy efficiency, and the reduction of external noises.

Investing in a conservatory roof replacement can also open up the possibility of lots of new uses for your conservatory space.

You could create a perfect indoor area for a summer party, a peaceful home office, an energising home gym, or a fun environment for children to play - the possibilities are endless!

You might be concerned that it's too late to achieve the conservatory of your dreams before the summer arrives. But you needn't worry. Our team of roofing specialists are able to complete your conservatory roof replacement in as little as eight working days.

So if you move fast, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying the perfect conservatory space this summer.

Want to find out more? Contact our team today. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started on your conservatory transformation journey.

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