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Transform Your Conservatory Into an All Year Proper Room

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Mar 04, 2022

Conservatories will give you more living space, multiple conservatory uses, plus add value to your property. So, why would you have an old and unused conservatory? 

We are here to help you change that!

Conservatories are great because they provide a lovely space to spend time in, during the summer months. 

But do you ever use it during the winter?

This article will explore how to transform your conservatory for all year-round use. 

From conservatory roof replacement and insulation to open-plan living, there are many ways to form multiple conservatory uses and create a place where you’ll want to spend time. 

Old Conservatory before being converted into a proper room

Transform your conservatory into your new favourite place

It is not uncommon to find that conservatories are not used for their intended purpose or to their full potential. 

Often used as storage space, a cold spare bedroom, or a kind of kitchen extension; it’s time to transform your conservatory into an all-year proper room.

This will give you more living space, multiple conservatory uses, plus add value to your property.

How do you transform your conservatory?

A conservatory is a great space to use year-round, but it can be difficult to maintain the temperature

There are plenty of DIY projects that can be done to revitalize the space but to truly transform your conservatory, conservatory roof replacement is needed.

With an insulated conservatory roof replacement, you can make your conservatory the perfect room for all seasons.

Transform your conservatory with P4R to enjoy a comfortable environment for entertaining family and friends, or a specified space for work or hobbies.

Let’s show you why and how!

unused Conservatory before being converted into a proper room

An insulated conservatory keeps cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Conservatories built with an original glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof provide excellent natural light and area to relax during the milder months of the year.

Yet, amongst their other common roofing problems, your conservatory is deemed out of bounds for the majority of the year.

Why is this?

With a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof, in the height of summer, it becomes uncomfortable due to high temperatures.  In the winter it's horrendous due to freezing temperatures.

The good news is conservatory roof insulation can solve this, but how?

An insulated conservatory with a solid roof will keep your environment at the same temperature throughout the year.

What does that mean for you?

That means more conservatory uses, less money spent on heating and cooling bills, an energy-efficient home, plus, added value to your property.

Conservatory roof replacement to transform your conservatory is a win, win situation!

Conservatory roof after having a guardian warm roof transformation

Benefits of a solid roof conservatory:

  • With innovative thermal technology: a sustainable solution to the problem of conservatory overheating in the summer and coldness in the winter.
  • Having a solid structure: not only does it serve as a barrier against heat and cold, but it also keeps loud noises out of your conservatory including rain noise or the rowdy neighbours! Whilst protecting against the elements and a leaking conservatory roof.
  • A variety of styles: this ensures you can have the look, feel, and finish you desire to compliment your whole house and make it complete

Why should I choose Projects4Roofing to convert my conservatory roof?

If you're looking to transform your conservatory and increase the space in your home, P4R is here!

We specialise in conservatory roof replacement and absolutely love what we do.

But more than that, we love seeing the expression on faces when customers fall in love with their conservatory again and hearing their testimonials.

We have been operating as a family run business for over 30 years and have the experience necessary to complete your hassle-free conservatory roof replacement. 

We provide a wide range of services, installing the highest-quality roofing products. Making your conservatory conversion as seamless as possible with an appointed project manager.

When you come to P4R, you'll also get:

  • Certified Team Guardian Members
  • A 20-year installation guarantee
  • Day-by-day schedule of work (8 days only!)
  • Fixed price quote
  • Specialist installer of LABC
  • Approved Guardian Warm Roof System
  • Approved craftsman (by the Consumer Protection Association CPA).
  • Which Trusted Traders and Trustatrader Approved

Conservatory roof worker finalizing a deal with a client.

Want to transform your conservatory now?

The P4R team are specialists in all aspects of installing a solid roof conservatory. Including the design process, building regulations compliance, planning permission and project management. 

From start to finish, we’ll be with you through every stage of your project to transform your conservatory.

An old conservatory can be transformed into your new favourite place or if you’re thinking about selling your property, add value to it.

Contact us today to get started or have a look at our blogs and conservatory roof replacement guide.

If you're not quite ready to reach out, you can always use our price quote tool to get an idea of what will be involved to transform your conservatory.

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