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Life changes, and so does your house: Transform Your Conservatory Into an All Year Proper Room

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Jul 01, 2022

Do you want to make your conservatory look more modern and up to date? 

Have you ever wanted to transform your conservatory?

But wondered if it’s really worth it, or what the benefits will be?

Let’s just say, a conservatory is not merely a place for your pet to sleep, dry the washing, or store all the unwanted bits and pieces.

Ohh no, no, no!

As life changes, and we reach different stages, the requirements of our space also shift.

An insulated conservatory can provide you with a space to be used as an extra room for guests, a place for grandchildren to play, or even as a home office.

Your conservatory uses are limitless!

If you want to transform your conservatory into an all year proper room, there are some things you may want to know.

What can I use an insulated conservatory for?

Do you need planning permission for conservatory roof replacement?

How long does a solid roof conservatory last?

If so, keep reading to find out!


What can I use an insulated conservatory for?

An insulated conservatory is a great way to transform your conservatory.

Providing you with a space that is warm and cosy in the winter and cool and comfortable in the summer. A solid roof conservatory is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

It’s also a brilliant option if you or your family members wish to spend time outdoors but can't, due to health or mobility issues.

You can use your insulated conservatory as:

If you wanted to, you could use your new insulated conservatory as a place to gaze at the stars. Or just sit and simply close your eyes for a few minutes on a Saturday afternoon!

Whatever your needs or wishes are, when you transform your conservatory, the conservatory uses will literally be endless!

Life changes, so does your house Transform Your Conservatory Into an All Year Proper Room


Do I need planning permission for my conservatory roof replacement?

Planning permission and building regulations can all be a bit discombobulating!

But don’t worry, P4R has a lot of experience with them.

Planning permission is not required to replace a conservatory roof, but there are still some things you need to consider with building regulations.

We only install the highest quality solid roof conservatory, that’s pre-approved by the LABC (Local Authority Building Control).

All our solid, insulated conservatory roofs are registered and inspected by your local authority and receive a Certificate of Compliance on completion.

Projects4Roofing takes care of all the paperwork, and the cost of this is included in your fixed price quotation.

This will give you peace of mind, knowing you have the LABC thumbs up, you’re abiding by building regulations, and you don’t have to worry or spend an extra penny to sort it.

Life changes, so does your house Transform Your Conservatory Into an All Year Proper Room

How long do conservatories last?

You invest to transform your conservatory and add value to your home, but how long should you expect it to last?

The lifespan of your conservatory largely depends on the quality of the materials, installation, and construction.

Put simply, the better insulated it is, the higher quality the materials are, and the more experienced your conservatory roof installer is; the longer it will last.

A solid, insulated conservatory can last between 20-50 years, or more!

P4R has built up an unrivalled reputation for providing quality workmanship and service. Quality trade-approved products and are committed to delivering the same high standards on all our projects, no matter how large or small.

All conservatory roof replacement installations, with a solid roof conservatory, come with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee.

Although maintenance is minimal with a solid roof conservatory, the right care and upkeep can see you enjoying your conservatory for decades.

Problems may only arise if there's severe debris build-up or a hideous weather storm.

Life changes, so does your house Transform Your Conservatory Into an All Year Proper Room

Can I keep my existing windows & doors with a solid roof conservatory?

This is a common question among homeowners who are considering a conservatory roof replacement.

The answer is yes!

It's possible to have a solid roof conservatory, without replacing any of your existing windows or doors.

Our insulated conservatory roofs are designed to replace your old roof and retain your home’s architectural features.

This causes minimal disruption to your property as you receive maximum energy efficacy.

On very rare occasions, our survey may identify that your windows and doors may need replacing.

This may be due to their age or condition of them and P4R can help you, should you choose to upgrade whilst you transform your conservatory.

You can view tile choices and roof finishes such as plastering, LED lights, skylights, or windows.

Life changes, so does your house Transform Your Conservatory Into an All Year Proper Room

Transform your conservatory today!

P4R is just a click away from getting your project started and finished within 8days.

You can contact us directly, or even use our project price quote tool.

Pop in a few details, we’ll work our magic, and then get back to you.

With a no-obligation quote, you’ll be able to have a clear idea of price and an understanding of workload and predicted timelines.

What are you waiting for?

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