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Upgrade Your Restaurant With a New Insulated Conservatory Roof

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Apr 28, 2023

Expanding your restaurant capacity into your conservatory is a wise business decision.

Your additional conservatory space helps you seat more diners to bring in more revenue, enhances the dining atmosphere and ambiance, and brings in more natural light. But, if your conservatory has a glass or polycarbonate roof, you might face a few issues.

Your conservatory dining area might be too cold for guests in winter and too hot for diners to eat comfortably in summer, which leads to you spending a lot of money on energy bills for heating and air conditioning. 

The glare of the sun in the height of summer can be distracting for some diners and detracts from the ambiance of your restaurant. 

You might also be spending time or money on roof maintenance, trying to keep on top of the algae, moss, and lichen that looks unsightly to diners. 

An insulated conservatory roof can solve all these problems and turn your restaurant extension into a comfortable year-round space for your guests.


Restaurant with an insulated conservatory roof

Why choose a solid roof for my restaurant’s conservatory?

It was actually a requirement for your conservatory roof to be translucent if it was built before 2010. This is why so many older conservatories have glass or polycarbonate roofs. And although these materials are great at letting in natural light, they also come with a number of drawbacks. 

Switching to an insulated conservatory roof can bring a number of advantages to your restaurant. 

Prevent your restaurant from being too cold in winter.

Neither glass nor polycarbonate is a thermally efficient material. If you have a glass or polycarbonate roof, it allows a lot of heat to escape during the cold autumn and winter months, which can either be cold and uncomfortable for your diners or cost you a small fortune in restaurant heating bills. 

A solid roof conservatory is far more thermally efficient and will allow your conservatory dining area to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round without you having to crank the heating up. 

The ‘U-value’ measures how effective your building structures are at preventing heat transfer from the interior of a building to the outside - the lower the value, the better. 

The U-Value of a polycarbonate roof is typically between 1.6 and 2.4 W/m2K. The typical U-Value of an insulated conservatory roof installed by Projects4Roofing is 0.15 W/m2K, which is far more energy efficient. 

So you can conserve a lot more energy with a solid roof conservatory, which is better for your diners, your heating bills, and the environment.

Prevent your restaurant from being too warm in summer.

Another common issue with glass or polycarbonate roofs is that they allow the full strength of the sun's rays to stream into your conservatory dining room during the summer months. 

This can make your dining area uncomfortably hot for diners, and your guests might also complain of glare from the sun.

You probably already know this and have a selection of tower fans and mobile air conditioning units ready for when the summer months arrive. 

But this isn’t the professional or energy-efficient approach you want for your restaurant and will likely be costly with current energy prices.  

Your problems can all be solved with a solid, insulated conservatory roof which prevents the sun’s rays from causing discomfort for your diners and disruption for your restaurant. 

Avoid leaks and draughts.

When you have a glass or polycarbonate roof, it is typically made up of several different panels that are held together by seals. If one of these panels slips or one of your seals deteriorates or breaks, it can lead to frustrating draughts and leaks from your conservatory roof. 

It’s also common for polycarbonate roof panels to become brittle over time from continuous exposure to the sun's UV rays. When polycarbonate becomes brittle, it is prone to develop hairline cracks, which can also cause water to leak into your dining area during periods of bad weather.

Don’t let leaks or draughts spoil the ambiance of your restaurant. Upgrading to a solid roof conservatory can eliminate these risks for good. 

No worries about condensation, dampness or mould.

Conservatories with glass or polycarbonate roofs are also prone to develop condensation, which occurs when there is a significant temperature difference between the interior of your restaurant and outside. 

This can cause dampness and mould growth, which is not only unsightly for diners but can also harm health.

With an insulated conservatory roof, you don’t have to worry about condensation and all the problems it brings.

Chic restaurant with an insulated conservaory roof

Insulate your restaurant from outside noise

A solid roof conservatory provides excellent insulation from outside noise, creating a peaceful environment for diners to enjoy their meals. 

So you don’t need to worry about turning up the background music to drown out the noise of the rain or the sound of neighboring properties. 

With the additional insulation of a solid roof conservatory, you’ll have a soundproof room where guests are able to enjoy dining without any unwelcome interruptions.


Spend less time on roof maintenance

If you currently have a glass roof or polycarbonate roof, you’ll already know how quickly moss, algae, and lichen can grow on them. 

With your roof being translucent, if you don’t take the time for regular cleaning and maintenance, the growth on top of your conservatory roof is visible to all your diners. It’s probably not the image your restaurant wants to go for.

When you invest in a conservatory roof replacement with Projects4Roofing, these problems are gone for good. 

A solid roof conservatory is easier to clean and maintain, and the top of your roof is also out of view from your diners. Additionally, solid roofs are not prone to mould or other fungi growing on them.

Charming restaurant with an insulated conservatory

How will my restaurant benefit?

Investing in a conservatory roof replacement can have significant benefits for your restaurant. With a conservatory transformation project that will take little over a week, you can:

  • Have a comfortable dining room you can use all year round
  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Increase your capacity
  • Improve the dining experience for your guests
  • Reduce the risk of leaks and draughts
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend on roof maintenance


Who can help me transform my restaurant’s conservatory? 

It’s important you choose a partner you can trust for your conservatory roof replacement. 

At Projects4Roofing, we understand how disruptive any building improvement work might be for your restaurant. 

The thought of having to temporarily close your restaurant or deal with building regulations might have you feeling a little anxious. But if you choose the right conservatory roof replacement partner, neither of these things should worry you. 

At Projects4Roofing, we have over 10 years of experience installing insulated solid conservatory roofs. We can typically manage the whole conservatory roof replacement process in 8 working days.

Additionally, we are Certified Guardian Warm Roof Installers. This means we are experts in installing Guardian Warm Roofs and will do so without setbacks.

We'll also take care of building regulations and issue the relevant certifications at the end of the project.

You can have the comfortable, insulated dining space you’ve dreamed of for your restaurant in just over a week.

Smiling waitress taking notes in a restaurant with an insulated conservatory roof


Ready to transform your dining experience? 

Upgrading to a solid, insulated conservatory roof is a wise business investment.

With over a decade of experience installing solid roof conservatories, Projects4Roofing has a team of specialists who can complete your job quickly so there’s minimum disruption for your restaurant. 

We’ll provide a full day-by-day schedule before we start to keep you informed about who is going to be working on your premises each day. 

All our conservatory roof replacement projects come with a 20-year installation guarantee and a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee, to give you peace of mind. 

If you’d like to learn more about transforming your restaurant conservatory, simply call one of our friendly team members. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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