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Why are past clients' reviews important?

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Jan 20, 2023

Choosing to upgrade to a solid roof conservatory is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make.

A conservatory transformation project can help turn your conservatory into a comfortable, insulated extra room in your house that you’re able to use all year round.

No more dampness. No more freezing cold temperatures in winter. No more extremes of heat in summer.

But upgrading to a solid roof conservatory is a long-term investment. Choosing the right company to create the conservatory of your dreams is an important decision.

We’d always recommend that homeowners consider the experience of the company completing their conservatory transformation, the approach and transparency that goes into their quote, the quality of the materials they use, their prices, but most importantly their previous customer reviews and testimonials.

At Projects4Roofing, we’re conservatory roof specialists that pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We ask all our customers to provide honest reviews after we complete an installation, and we publish them all to help others make an informed decision.

We feel this is important for two main reasons – social proof and continuous improvement.


Happy clients discussing a successful conservatory transformation with their Projects4Roofing executive

Customer reviews help provide social proof that a company delivers on its promises

Any business can tell you that their product or service is fantastic. 

A company can hire a skilled copywriter to craft compelling messages and straplines that make it seem like their offering will solve all your problems.

But the modern consumer is smarter than that. If there are no reviews or comments from previous customers, it can leave prospects with a sense of unease and skepticism.

Customer reviews are critical in helping provide potential customers with the confidence and reassurance they need to make a purchase.

In fact, a study shows that 93% of online shoppers have been influenced by the reviews of previous customers when making their purchase decisions.

For a low-involvement, low-cost purchase, many customers won’t look further than an average star rating.

But for larger high-involvement purchases like a solid roof conservatory transformation, businesses need to go further. Word of mouth is more important. Customers want to read about the process, the service, the reliability, and the quality of the end result delivered by a roofing specialist. 

This is why we ask our customers to provide as much detail as possible about their experiences working with us on their conservatory roof replacement and provide supporting pictures where possible.

You can find all our previous client testimonials on our website to give you complete peace of mind about our expertise as roofing specialists and the results we deliver.

Projects4Roofing executive taking notes on a past client feedback

Customer reviews can help businesses continuously improve

In addition to providing social proof, listening to customer feedback is an essential aspect of running a successful business.

By listening to what customers have to say, businesses can better understand their customers' needs and preferences and make changes to better meet those needs.

At Projects4Roofing, we always look at customer feedback to aid our continuous improvement and growth.

Following feedback from one of our Guardian Warm Roof installations in 2021, we modified our approach. We now include a clean-down and sign-off with the installation manager at the end of the project, so you can get to enjoying your new insulated conservatory right away.

Beautiful conservatory transformed by Projects4Roofing

Where can I find reviews for Projects4Roofing?

At Projects4Roofing, we know how important your home is. It’s where you spend time together as a family, and it's where you make memories.

We take great pride in our conservatory transformation projects and love nothing more than hearing how our customers are enjoying family time in their new insulated year-round conservatory.

We also welcome constructive feedback on our solid conservatory roof installations and are eager to hear customer feedback on areas where we can improve in the future.

Every time we finish a project, we ask our customers to share their feedback with us.

We also ask if they would feel comfortable leaving a review of their experience with Projects4Roofing on one of these platforms:

Our testimonial page
Our Which? Trusted Traders profile
Our Trust a Trader profile
Our Google profile

Some recent testimonials

Curious about what some of our recent customers have said about working with Projects4Roofing?

We’ve collated some of our favourite recent reviews below:

Mr and Mrs Sowden-Fletcher: “Projects4Roofing replaced the old polycarbonate roof on our Victorian conservatory in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire. We were delighted at the work ethic and friendliness of all the fitters and are thrilled with the new roof on our conservatory and interior. We are so looking forward to being able to use our new room all year round.”

Marion, in Suffolk: “Highly recommend this company. Very professional. All staff is friendly and helpful. The work was completed as per the schedule and to budget. All members of the team worked hard and the end result looks amazing. I could not be happier.”
Mr. Harrod: “So glad we made the perfect choice, from sales to administration and the great working team. Can’t believe how hard they worked and how clean and tidy they kept the site. Needless to say, we are more than pleased with the finished product and would recommend it to anyone who wanted their conservatory transformed into a usable room. Many thanks to all!”

Solid roof conservatory transformed by Projects4Roofing ready to recieve winter!


Projects4Roofing: A solid roof conservatory installer you can trust

Looking for some inspiration for your conservatory transformation project?

Check out our testimonials page to see pictures of our previous projects and what other customers have to say about their experiences working with us.

Want to join hundreds of satisfied customers?

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start planning the conservatory of your dreams.

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