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An 8-Day Conservatory Conversion Before Your New Year’s Party

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Dec 03, 2021

We thought 2020 was a drag, but aren’t you just done with 2021?

Of course, we are too! 

Yet, with 2022 just around the corner what better way to celebrate than a big New Year’s Eve bash.

Worried your conservatory isn’t up to the challenge of hosting a gathering?No worries, Projects 4 Roofing has got you! 


To get your conservatory up to par, all you need is 8 days from installation to completion to enjoy your new conservatory conversion.

Can a conservatory conversion be completed so quickly?

We know it sounds too good but yes it can!

Unlike some of the New Year’s resolutions we may all make this year; Projects 4 Roofing can guarantee this promise will not be broken.

Read on to see how you can enter the New Year in style, with a perfect conservatory conversion to dazzle your guests.

Closing a deal to make a conservatory conversion

Get that party started with a conservatory conversion 

Your conservatory is the perfect venue for any event. 

Regardless of your conservatory uses, after your conservatory conversion is complete; you’ll be able to offer a warm, elegant, and unique environment for your guests to enjoy.

One sure thing to make this happen is a Guardian Warm Roof.

An innovative roofing system with a number of benefits, plus thermal features that are perfect for conservatories that are traditionally affected by temperature variation or difficult to heat. 

Conservatory roof replacement with a Guardian Warm Roof allows you to go from an unused room to the best place in your home in no time at all. 

Making it the perfect choice for your conservatory conversion right NOW!

Let Projects 4 Roofing help you to 2-step the night away into the New Year, under a newly installed Guardian Warm Roof in just 8 days.

Benefits of having a Guardian Warm Roof 

The true benefits of having a Guardian Warm Roof for your conservatory conversion are numerous.

Apart from the longevity of its supreme structure, you will always hear us banging on about the Guardian Warm Roof thermal technology. Which is guaranteed to give you a fully insulated conservatory and comfort throughout the year.

But….it isn’t the only feature we want you to know about!

A Guardian Warm Roof also:

  • LABC Pre-approved
  • Waterproof Ventilation
  • State-of-the-art insulation
  • Noise reduction
  • Solid Construction 
  • 10-year product guarantee

Installation of a Guardian Roof is beneficial for everyone. 

Whether your conservatory uses are multifunctional, for work, a guest bedroom or entertainment; it will make it easier to stay warm in winter and cool in summer with the added bonus of lower energy bills!

Inside of a conservatory after having a conservatory conversion.

Why use Projects 4 Roofing for your conservatory conversion?

Projects for Roofing are honoured to be your local conservatory roof conversion specialist.

Covering East Anglia, we pride ourselves on providing first-rate customer service alongside specialist advice and knowledge for existing and potential patrons.

Also, when you come to Projects 4 Roofing, you'll get:

  • A family run business with over 30 years of experience

It’s an advantage to be a small family-run company, for we know what our customers want and need. Taking the time to know them personally, providing individualised services that larger companies don’t do. With over 30 years of experience and installing the highest quality conservatory roofing products; we have the knowledge and expertise to make your next conservatory conversion project a success.

  • Team Guardian Members

Our whole team are fully trained experts, with accreditations and specific skills to install your Guardian Warm Roof. Each Guardian Roof is uniquely tailored and designed for each individual conservatory conversion.

  • Installation guarantee of 20 years

We provide a 20-year installation guarantee to all our customers for conservatory roof replacement.  This is against any installation defects on your new tiled, solid roof conservatory and can even be.

  • Day-by-day schedule of work (8 days only!) and more!

At Projects4Roofing, we’re not just contractors, we’re advocates.  You will have a dedicated project manager to oversee your conservatory conversion from start to finish. A fully insured team of conservatory roofing professionals to complete your project. With an honest, transparent pricing model and schedule that will never surprise you with hidden costs or present extra work down the line

Water leak after a conservatory conversion with an off brand roof.

Why we don’t use off-brand solid conservatory roofs

Off Brand, solid conservatory roofs are not the best quality. And although they may be cheaper, unfortunately, you get what you pay for.

This can lead to more issues in the future and why we only use and install one brand, the Guardian Warm Roof.

If you choose an off-brand solid roof conservatory you will encounter:

  • Mould growth and rot from improper ventilation.

Ventilation prevents the build-up of moisture, which is one of the main causes of mould growth. Poor conservatory roof ventilation is a problem in damp environments and causes the moisture on your conservatory walls to condense and contribute to mould growth. 

  • Damage to your conservatory from heavy materials 

It is important to use roofing equipment and material that are appropriate for your building/conservatory type. Off-brand conservatory roofs are sometimes pre-manufactured, using materials that are too heavy to be used for roofing and not tailored to suit the needs of your conservatory conversion and its uses.

  • A conservatory, not 100% insulated  

To keep warm in winter and cool in summer you need to ensure you have a fully insulated conservatory.  Off-brand conservatory roofing solutions use sub-par insulating material which long-term deems it ineffective to provide the technology and protection to adjust to drastic or seasonal temperature changes.

New year, new you, new conservatory conversion!

Get your invitations ready, Projects4Roofing wants you to have the conservatory conversion of your dreams.

The end of the year is right around the corner, and house parties are about to start, so contact Projects4Roofing today to have your Guardian Warm Roof installed in only 8 days! 

If you want to read more, please scan our array of helpful blogs. But we would really like to have a chat with you, so don’t be shy.

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